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7 Steps to Taking the Best Photos for Your Airbnb Listing

Taking the Best Photos for Your Airbnb Listing

One of the most important factors for prospective guests when scouring through the glut of listings on Airbnb, is of course, how nice the pictures look. Stunning photos undoubtedly affect Airbnb pricing positively too. 

Telling prospective guests, you have an amazing living space for them to enjoy is only half the battle, as with most things in life, you must of course, show them your offering to bring the property to life.

Before you list your next space, read on to find out how to take the best photos for your Airbnb property today.

1. Cleanliness is Key

By far cleanliness and housekeeping is one of the most significant factors in meeting and even exceeding your Airbnb guest’s expectations. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it.

Before you lift your index to snap away, be productive and use it to tidy up first. Whether you need to wash up, vacuum the landing, or make the bed. A presentable home is a welcoming home, and basic cleanliness goes a long way.

Invite your guests to explore your listing in more detail by taking care of the basics first.

2. Be Professional

You will be stunned by the number of pixelated pictures that make their way onto Airbnb.

Its simple, poor quality photos suggest a poor quality service. Hosts that invest time and effort into the quality of their photos will exude professionalism to prospective guests.

Tip: Use large, high resolution photos for max effect.

3. Use Natural Lighting

Avoid those dark and dingy shots that will turn guests away by using as much natural light as possible.

Indoor photography works best when you are maximizing your room’s natural light. It will enhance the picture quality as well as giving the aesthetic a bright and friendly feel.

4. Lateral Thinking

If there is something unique about your property, waste no time in showing it off. Beautifully arranged gardens, terraces, or even balconies with eye-catching views will all whet your guests appetite.

Just wait for a sunny day and snap away!

5. Pay Attention to Detail

Taking wide shots will help prospective guests get a more panoramic vantage of the room. Important though it is, it’s also useful to remember that people are sold on the finer details. Draw guest’s attention to the interesting and unusual features of the room.

6. Show off your Unique Selling Points

People that browse Airbnb are not looking for the same run of the mill space that conventional letting offers. They are interested in a space that matches their personality. Sell them on the finer details and you stand a much higher chance of success. Show off your property’s quirks – warts and all!

7. Take a Minimalist Approach

Even though there is no limit to how many photos you can upload on Airbnb, you want to be savvy about it. Too many photos can feel like overkill so instead choose clarity over quantity. In our opinion, between 15 and 20 photos is an adequate amount.

Furthermore, research has shown that you’ll want your best shots on the first 5 photos to give yourself a good chance of acquiring that prospect.

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