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How Airbnb Hosts Should Deal with Their Neighbours

Dealing with Neighbours

One of the toughest facets to navigate in your time as an Airbnb host is the relationship with your neighbours.

But how do you run a successful Airbnb property without destroying that relationship?

For many hosts, managing their Airbnb is a juggling act.

They have city laws and regulations on one side and nosy neighbours on the other.

While it’s almost impossible to keep everyone happy, you can at least keep most stakeholders cordial. This is your foundation and will stand you in good stead community-wise.

To be a success, there is one thing you must always remember as a host: It Starts and Ends with Effective Communication.

Effective Communication

The guests that stay at your property are not the only stakeholders that you need to keep happy.

To create a long- term viable Airbnb business you must understand the value and significance of your neighbours.

The influence they have on the overall experience for your guests is one of the major reasons some hosts receive negative reviews.

If you have a harmonious understanding with your neighbours you are likely to receive better reviews and thus more bookings. Sometimes having that conversation is a tough prospect, but where possible, aim to be open and honest with them before guests arrive.

Take a look at some of our best tips below on how to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours:

  • Explain to them that you have strict House Rules which are communicated to all guests before they arrive.
  • Reassure them that you carefully check the references of all guests before allowing them to stay
  • Tell them that you are selective about the type and number of guests that you approve.
  • Give them your mobile number and encourage them to call you if there’s an emergency or if they have any concerns about guests.
  • Let them know they also have the option of reporting incidents directly to Airbnb.

Managing Guests

  • Make sure your House Rules are clear and concise.
  • Be explicit in your property description when it comes to the type of guests you want to attract to your rental.
  • If you live off-site, it may be worth mentioning that the neighbours have your phone number and will contact you if guests cause a disturbance.

When you’re writing your House Rules, consider the issues listed below – as they are the ones most likely to cause problems with your neighbours.


The noise level for your neighbours can have a profound effect on how they deal with you in the future.

It’s probably worth setting ‘quiet hours’ for your guests so they know the rules around this. Setting expectations regarding what’s acceptable and what isn’t is pivotal to this working out.

Cleaning Procedures

Rubbish is one of those things that can drive hosts up the wall. Make sure guests know where to put their rubbish during and after their stay. Explain your cleaning procedure clearly within the house manual to avoid a build up of nasty smells.


Let guests know if you permit it and if so, where they are allowed to smoke. Provide ashtrays to prevent guests from tossing cigarette butts onto adjacent properties.


Will the neighbours be annoyed if they see your guests hanging their washing on your balcony? Is there a certain place that is best for them to dry their clothing? Let them know!

Communal Areas

Are there shared spaces in your apartment block that are governed by building rules? For example, do visitors need a permit to use the car park? Make sure your guests know the rules inside and outside your dwelling.

Additional Guests

Don’t forget to state that additional guests/ visitors are not allowed on the property.

Going Forward

In a worst case scenario whereby your neighbours put in a complaint, listen to them carefully and assure them that you will act on the feedback given in a timely manner so that this type of issue doesn’t happen again.

Tip: Airbnb can cancel a booking during a stay if the guest is actively violating your rules. Don’t be afraid to evict a guest if they are making too much noise and upsetting your neighbours. This kind of action will show residents nearby that you are serious about hosting respectable and rule-abiding visitors.

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