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How The Luxury Hotel Industry Can Help Airbnb Hosts

How Airbnb Hosts Can Enhance the Guest Experience

The rise of Airbnb in recent years has been nothing short of incredible.

The increase in technological innovation and globalisation have all contributed to an upsurge in traffic on the platform.

As an Airbnb host, this makes for a brilliant reading, but what more can a host do to really make customers feel like they should be staying at their property and not a hotel?

Airbnb is single-handedly changing the hospitality industry and so with hotels on the decline and short term letting on the rise, what can hosts learn from hotels that may prove useful in the future?

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The Customer is Always Right

Many guests now expect hotel quality from their Airbnb stay.

Things like fine linen, towels and excellent customer service are pretty much essentials now.

So if a host wants positive reviews, they must think like a hotelier.

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On a basic level, what can you do to exceed your guests expectations? Check out our guide on going above and beyond and why it is a prerequisite to hosting success.

The Devil is in The Detail

Being as attentive and thoughtful as you can as a host will pay dividends with your guest.

People love a clean and tidy house, subtle furniture, delicate fixture and fittings and a personalised experience.

There is a reason why hotels put those towels wrapped up as swans on the bed as you walk in. It’s to wow you and kick the stay off on the right foot.

Providing a friendly and personable service never goes unnoticed and a welcome basket is a small gesture in the grand scheme of things but can be a nice surprise for the weary traveller.

The Power of Word of Mouth

The hospitality industry is about hosting people, it is service-orientated.

If you do not host the people you are serving in a satisfactory way, then you are doing them a disservice and there are consequences to their dissatisfaction.

One of the major consequences of a dissatisfied customer is the fact that they will likely tell others about their negative experience. This could wipe out your business entirely if the damage wasn’t managed in the correct way.

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Similarly the opposite is also true of positive experiences. People love to share their delights with others and the effect on your business would be hugely significant as the information is coming from a person the recipient trusts.

Managing Expectations

This is where hosts can let themselves down.

Just because you are not a hotel doesn’t mean your own standards should slip. Hosts must be efficient with guests requests and replying to messages as guests want to trust that they will be looked after well and their needs will be taken care of.

Nobody wants to stay in place where the host never responds or they feel they can’t ask for something. It is a trip after all and should be enjoyable and stress-free for all who are paying for the service.

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