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What Amenities You Need to Supply as an Airbnb Host

Elevating the Airbnb Experience

Typically, all Airbnb hosts will have a checklist for the basic amenities they provide their guests.

Whether your guest is staying for business or leisure purposes, there’s always new ways to create that memorable experience to garner positive reviews.

By throwing in those little extras to exceed your guest’s expectations, you’re more likely to gain those invaluable higher ratings and thus more demand.

Meanwhile, Keey is here to help you through the process and get you on your way to Airbnb booking maximization and Airbnb hosting success.

The Essentials

You really need to put yourself in the guests shoes here.

If you were to be asked to stay at a friend’s home, what’s the basic level of hospitality you would expect? If you can answer this question, then you are halfway there.

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  • Basic toiletries and sanitation: is a must, it’s almost inhumane to do otherwise. Think shampoo, conditioner, toilet roll, sanitary towels. They don’t need to be branded, they just need to be available.
  • Clean sheets and towels: not everyone walks around with a towel in their hand luggage, so, be a courteous host and offer white sheets and towels to each individual guest.
  • Wifi: In the modern age, having a stable internet connection is commonplace. Get with the times and provide the requisite bandwidth for your property. A key point here is to make sure the connection is good in each room, if it isn’t, get yourself a booster or better router to bolster the connection.
  • Means of communication with host: If your guests do come across an issue they can’t rectify themselves or, if an an emergency occurs, they must be able to contact you ASAP. Leave them your number on the keys at minimum so it’s always at hand.
  • Kitchen Apparatus: Instead of using traditional soap, provide liquid hand wash as it is more hygienic and will last longer. Additionally, you will need to provide washing up liquid, kitchen utensils, cleaning materials, basic cutlery and dishware. Some hosts even provide additional tea and coffee upon arrival but this is usually at the host’s discretion.
  • A working First Aid Kit: have one at close reach and easily identified for any worst case scenarios. Failure to do so could land you in hot water.

Airbnb’s amenities checklist provides clear guidance on which amenities to include.

Leisure Guests

Leisure guests are looking for that ‘home away from home’ feel, so do all you can to make it as warm, cosy and inviting as possible.

Think about what guests would expect when they walk into a hotel. It’s these little touches that will make the difference.

Soft, clean linen, toys for the children or even a handy guidebook for the city can all add up to make a guests stay that extra special.

If you have a family staying, think about providing extra cooking utensils or a well stocked kitchen as most of them will be cooking from home instead of going out. Friends and couples that book are most likely going to be exploring the nightlife, bars, and eateries that your city has to offer.

Business Guests

There is more scrutiny on your property if you want to cater for the discerning business guest.

They typically look for an ironing board, and a laundry service or washer/dryer.

A stable internet connection is an absolute must, and will be a key factor in whether they choose to stay with you or look elsewhere.

Extra phone chargers won’t go amiss and some key travel information for getting about. Go the extra mile and give them your top tips on local travel facilities.

Business Travel Ready

To be certified on Airbnb as Business Travel Ready your listing must adhere to certain criteria. For example, you must be able to provide a full house or apartment and it must be smoke and pet free.

Business amenities must include:

  • Wifi
  • Self check in capabilities
  • Laptop-friendly work space
  • Carbon Monoxide and smoke detector
  • Iron
  • Coat hangers
  • Hairdryer

Last but not least, the listing must have a 3-star rating or above to be considered.

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