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Home Security Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Home Security for Your Rental

Home security is right up there as one of the primary concerns of hosts trying out Airbnb for the first time.

There is a fine balance between ensuring your home is safe and secure, and putting off potential guests that value their privacy.

At Keey, we encourage you to look beyond the intruding surveillance camera to protect your property, here are some of our suggestions.

Checking Guests Before You Approve

It’s a good idea to understand the type of person that will be staying at your property before they arrive.

Choosing reliable guests that have great reviews and references is the first rung of the ladder. We also encourage you to read their profile carefully, check out their social media, email them directed questions and set clear house rules to mitigate any problems.

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Valuables & Insurance

If your guests are staying in your residential home, its important to be extra vigilant with your valuables.

As it is your home, you may be prone to leaving your valuables on the kitchen table or in other communal areas. Obviously, this is a recipe for disaster so be proactive and cautious of where you leave your things.

Here’s a checklist of basic things to put in a safety box:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Antique items of value
  • Credit cards
  • Financial documents
  • Passports and birth certificates
  • Sentimental artifacts

The good thing about Aribnb is that it has insurance that covers certain types of damage but, for real peace of mind we advise that you look into additional insurance to protect your prized assets. Revisit your existing policy to make sure that the insurance will cover all damage while your property is being let out.

Shared Wi-Fi Connections

If you are living at the same property that you are letting out then chances are, you will be utilising the same internet connection as your guests. To ensure you are not contaminating your system through shared access, you should update your security details on the hardware. Going further, it would be prudent to get a separate Wi-fi connection for your own personal use to eliminate the risk entirely.


To ensure you aren’t out of pocket if there is any damage to the property, you have the option to include a security deposit as part of your guest’s booking. The guest is only charged by Airbnb if you make a claim, rather than being paid by the guest upon reservation.

There is a caveat though, if you do go for this option, it can put off some prospective guests so bear this in mind when weighing up all angles.

Video Disclosure

Airbnb is very clear on how you surveillance your property and the methods you use to keep watch of it. the legislation around this includes the fact that you must disclose all surveillance devices in public spaces and also prohibits the use of surveillance in private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.

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