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How to Write a Captivating Airbnb Welcome Letter

Writing a Captivating Welcome Letter

To be a successful Airbnb host, you’ll have to keep bringing new guests into your property. However, it’s not the only prerequisite to being successful in the business.

In addition to bringing them in, you have to keep your guests happy during the entire duration of their stay. That is, from the introduction phase, to the staying phase and till after they leave your property.

What then is the most paramount thing to do to keep guests happy?

Well, it all starts at the time of booking. When a new guest makes a purchase, the very first thing you should do is send them a fantastic welcome letter. By doing so, you can open up a wave of positivism in the client’s mind and keep them looking forward to their stay. Here’s why and how you should write an Airbnb welcome letter.

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The Welcome Letter

A welcome letter isn’t complicated. It is simply the best way to show your guests you indeed care about their stay in your property. A welcome letter embodies a lot of details, and can range from 1-3 pages of text in length. The following are the range of topics customarily covered in an Airbnb welcome letter:

  • Overview of your listing
  • Contact information
  • House rules
  • Local attractions
  • Information about the features of the area, like transport and whatnot.

All these points will be explained eventually. The important thing is to compile all the information in the most concise and friendly way possible. You want to remind your visitors of important house rules, sure, but you should also make it fun for them to read.

Many hosts love to give long guides as welcome letters. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but Airbnb deems it unnecessary—a page or 2 will do.

When to Send the Welcome Letter

There is no fixed timing set by Airbnb when sending welcome letters. As a result, hosts often have their own timing. Some prefer to send automated welcome emails to guests at the time of booking. Others prefer to send welcome letters shortly before the guests arrive. There is nothing wrong with either approaches, however, it’s better to send welcome letters out on time.

This is because many Airbnb guests are travelling. Therefore, there isn’t much guarantee that they will have reliable internet to receive your welcome letter. Welcome letters should be sent 3-5 days before guests check in.

Also, welcome letters should be provided in print and placed in the entrance. This reminds your guests of the house rules and acts as a reference when in doubt.

Airbnb Welcome Letter Guide

Airbnb provides its very own welcome letter template. Unfortunately, it isn’t free. So we decided to run down all the checklists for you. The following are what Airbnb recommends you keep in your welcome letter

  • Directions to Your Property: Most of your guests are visiting your city for the first time. They will not only need your address, they will need detailed but flexible directions as well as images and map.
  • House rules: Although this is already in your listing description, you’ll need to remind your guests in your welcome letter.
  • Instructions for Appliances: The use of appliances in your home also needs explaining. Things like the air-conditioning, sound systems and kitchen appliances need detailed instructions.
  • Check-out Instructions: Your guests should know stuff like what time their stay ends, where they should dump the trash and, most importantly, where they should leave the key.
  • Contact Information: You should leave your phone number in case your guests have urgent inquiries that need answering.

One final hint would be to personalise your home in your welcome letter. Your guests need to feel like they are getting a unique experience that they normally wouldn’t get in a hotel.

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