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Managing Your Airbnb: How to Create a Welcoming Space

Creating a Warm Space in Your Airbnb

Wherever we are staying, we want to feel welcomed, comfortable and appreciated as a guest. Have you ever walked into an accommodation and felt out of place and uneasy? The worst part is, the owners probably didn’t even mean to make you feel that way.  
To avoid any of your guests from feeling discomforted and to make them feel more relaxed and happier about their stay, we’ve combined some of the best ways on how you can create a warm and welcoming space in your Airbnb.  

Here’s how to make your Airbnb more welcoming:

The Welcome Pack 

Possibly the most personal item to add to your guests’ stay is a welcome pack on arrival.  
The pack should include a well written welcome letter, information about the property and their booking, as well as useful information about the area and what’s going on around them for their stay.  
Make sure to include information such as: wi-fi passwords, restaurants, local take-out, events, sightseeing and the absolute must-dos in the area. 
Your welcome pack can be digital or presented on arrival depending on how you manage your bookings.  

welcome note

Smell Good, Feel Good

Guests know what the place looks like, that’s why they’ve booked it! A picture is worth a thousand words, yet, you can’t smell a photo. It can’t tell you how it smells. 

While your Airbnb might look great, does it smell great?  

There’s nothing worse than a bad smell. It changes your whole perception on something. Don’t let this be your downfall to a visit.  

First impressions count, especially at an Airbnb. Walking into a lovely home with a bad smell won’t be easy to recover from (especially in your reviews!). Make sure you choose a fresh scent for around the house. Find a scent that connects to the aesthetic feel of your Airbnb. You could use some linen scented wall plug ins or a summery air freshener. 

Sometimes scents can be overwhelming and can have the reverse effect on what’s intended. In all cases, it’s best to have proper ventilation and great cleaning practices to give that less is more feel to their stay. 

woman making a review

Your Interior Design  

You could very well need to take a look at your interior design to see if it fits your target guests needs. 
Do you need some Airbnb design ideas? Or, perhaps you should consider hiring an interior designer to help you make a better return on investment?  
Make sure to keep your ideal target guest in mind when looking at your interior design. Think about what would be best and most practical for remote workers, couples, families with children and or pets, etc. You might need to incorporate a desk or a large dining table into your space for practicality.  

woman decorating room walls

Less is Always More

Less is more, especially when it comes to your rental property.  
Creating a clear and open space for guests is important to feel welcomed. Being in a clutter filled area is likely to overpower the room. This could lead to your guest feeling unsure of where they fit into the fold of things and they won’t know where to put their items of themselves – leading to feelings of discomfort.  

woman carrying a suitcase

Good lighting 

Bright rooms with good lighting are always inviting and allow your guests to be able to free their mind when they can see clearly.  

Natural lighting is priceless to a property so be sure to make the most of it. It’s important to clean your windows every so often, clear the space around your windows and place mirrors strategically so light stretches further across the room.  

Keey offers more tips on how to improve your lighting.

woman and child looking at the windows

Bring the outside inside

Plants – what do you think of when you picture them? Calming, clean and vibrant, right?  
Adding a plant or more specifically, a house plant, gives that finishing touch to your Airbnb. It gives the impression that the space is clean and healthy because the plants are thriving in their environment – just like the guests should be too!  

Be sure to choose house plants based on your needs, as well as, your guests’ needs. Perhaps low maintenance succulents or cacti would be most suitable for you; however, it probably isn’t a great idea to your guests with small children.  

Check out some great options in our guide! 

woman taking care for a plant

Going the Extra Mile

What better way to say: “you’re welcome” than going the extra mile to make your guests feel special. 
Here are some ideas: 

  • A welcome basket full of goodies (tea bags, coffee, sugar etc). Bonus points if the goodies are unique and from local resources. 
  • Fold the end of the toilet paper to show that every effort has been made. 
  • Leave a dressing gown and slippers for their use. 
  • Fresh towels on their beds. 
  • Magazines and reading material for leisure.  

You should try to exceed your guests’ expectations.  

At the point of arrival, they have already decided to book with you because they’ve found value in what the property offered online. Allow them to feel they had great value for money and exceed their expectations so that they’re more likely to come back, write an amazing review and or tell a friend.  

woman opening a welcome package

Things to take from this article

Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed when opting for an Airbnb stay?  
Following these steps ensures you have done everything you can to make your Airbnb welcoming to your guests. In return, expect to see some great reviews and increased revenue.  
The upmost important thing to remember is keep your ideal target guest in mind when accomplishing these steps. Think about how to make that specific type of guest enjoy their stay and feel welcomed.  

If you need more tips on how to market your property, take a look at some of our other guides! Or, if you feel ready to outsource your property management to an expert, check out our services

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