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Top Interior Design Ideas for Rental Properties

Enhancing Your Property for Listing Photos

As the saying goes: ‘looks can be deceiving’. But for your prospective tenants, that might not be the case. When deciding on a property to rent, buyers and prospective tenants rely on the listing photos, so details are incredibly important. This is why having your property look its best in listing shots (and having it live up to that image when guests arrive) should be one of your top priorities.  

We’ve already highlighted some reasons why a rental property benefits from hiring an interior design company, but it’s also important to focus on the fundamentals of how the little touches you can do yourself go a long way to giving your property more life and a higher return on investment.  

Here are three easy ways to have your place look its best and increase its potential value: 

magnifying glass over a house

  1. Paint and Persian.  

Livening up your rooms with a little TLC is the easiest and most affordable way to improve a whole room, and the colour of its walls has the capability to affect the home’s entire energy.  

Neutral tones are a great blank canvas if you’re aiming for a more colourful, personal approach to décor, and there’s little chance of it putting guests off. However, if you don’t want to play it safe, some of Farrow & Ball’s bright colours, like Citron No. 74 and St Giles Blue No. 280, are sure to add a creative flair to the property that catches a renter’s eye. 

Furthermore, it is important that your new home feels lived in. A rug can be a great statement in any living space, complementing other furnishings while also adding a layer of comfort. In particular, a boldly patterned rug is easily able to enhance a room’s style.  

  1. Have an artistic eye.  

Hanging up great art is another method to add charm and personality to your property. Artwork can evolve your property’s look. Coordinating the art with the rest of the décor will attract guests that appreciate the aesthetic you have laid out.  

Pick out one or two key colours from your room, and look for art that has them within its palette. Art should work with a room, not against it, so don’t choose Andy Warhol prints for your country-chic apartment, as that would disrupt the aesthetic you have laid out for the rest of the property.  

For other furniture pieces, Zara has great statement end tables, eBay is amazing for mid-century pieces, and Etsy is great for unusual prints and pictures. 

  1. Take a natural approach. 

It is important for your home to look lived in, cosy and comfortable, despite its refreshed look. A good way to achieve a more natural aesthetic is to allow your home to develop organically over time.  

Build up your taste in décor slowly, adding piece-by-piece as you come across them to make the overall look more appealing to prospective tenants, while also feeling less forced to be defined by a singular look or feel.  

Our Final Word

So, summarising what you can do to get the most out of your property; you should consider repainting the walls, buying furniture such as rugs and eye-catching pieces that fit the aesthetic of your rooms, and building up the look of your property one piece at a time. All together, these three simple tips can work in your favour to bring in prospective tenants. 

If you feel like you need more assistance with making your property look the best it can, or need more tips on interior decoration and how to get the most out of your landlord business, check out our other guides online.  

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