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Why All Landlords Should Outsource Their Cleaning Services

Importance of Professional Cleaning Services

When you’re renting out your property on short-term rental sites like Airbnb or The Plum Guide, your guests will be expecting a premium quality that they can’t get elsewhere. With so many landlords opting for short-term rentals, guest expectations are only increasing.  

Ensuring your short-term rental is spotless for any and all guests staying in the property is therefore essential. 

This isn’t just a matter of a quick vacuum and a change of sheets after each stay. It’s essential that your property is exquisitely maintained, as guests will notice any corners that have been cut.  
It’s particularly important in 2021, with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting how crucial keeping your property clean can be for potential guests. 

The cleanliness of your rental could have consequences for your business, with word-of-mouth and online reviews having a huge impact on the number of enquiries you’ll be getting and how much you can charge your guests. 

While some short-term rental hosts clean their properties themselves after each stay, more and more landlords are turning to professional cleaning services. With a high quality of cleaning products, quicker turnarounds and the peace of mind offered to hosts by knowing their property is being taken care of, these services can often be worth the price.  

Here are five reasons why landlords should be thinking about outsourcing their cleaning services: 

1. Your Property Will Look Pristine 

Even if you or someone you know consider yourselves to be impeccable cleaners, you probably won’t have access to the resources or the efficiency of an outsourced cleaning service. 
Professional cleaning services will offer you a number of options to get your property to the highest standard possible given your time and budgetary constraints. 
Whether you’re working with an individual cleaner or a more specialised team, you’ll be guaranteed a quality of service that would be very hard to achieve on your own. There’ll be a thoroughness to the cleaning process that will ensure every nook and cranny in your rental is taken care of, including bits that you might overlook. 
This can have a transformative effect on your word-of-mouth feedback and the reviews left on your rental. Don’t forget that a clean property is one of the most important factors when a guest is looking to rent a place. 

2. It Saves You Time

Managing a short-term rental doesn’t have to be strenuous, whether or not it’s your main source of income or a side business. Investing your own time into cleaning your property between stays can prove stressful, particularly if your property is booked up in the high season. 
In the summer months, you might even find that luxuries such as holidays are an impossibility if you constantly have to be on hand to clean properties each day. 
By outsourcing your cleaning services to professionals, you’ll be able to have more time to pursue other ventures and opportunities outside of work.  

3. You Can Manage Other Areas of Your Business 

There’s a lot to take care of when you’re renting out a property. You’ll need to be keeping on top of new enquiries and bookings. You might be personally checking guests in. There are also maintenance issues you might need to take care of, such as broken light bulbs or damaged furniture. 
If you’re investing a vast quantity of your time into cleaning your property after every booking, you can easily lose track of your other responsibilities.  
By outsourcing your cleaning services to a professional company, you’ll have more time not just for your personal life, but also to ensure that other aspects of your property are in great shape. 
This will result in happier guests and better word-of-mouth feedback for your rental! 

4. Specific Care and Attention for Your Property 

When you’re choosing a professional cleaning service, you’ll have a lot of input on the details of the service you receive. If you’re pressed for time and one room is particularly messy, you could request that more attention be placed on certain spaces in your rental. 
Likewise, you could ask for your bedsheets and linen to be folded in a certain way, or for towels to be washed according to specific settings.  
You’ll be able to have as much control over the specifics of the cleaning service as you would if you were doing it yourself. This way, you get a precision-engineered approach to cleaning whilst also not having to supervise every aspect of the process. 

5. It’s a Must in the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing in many parts of the world, it’s vital that your property is kept as clean as possible. If you’re meeting and checking in guests, you’re increasing your risk of exposure to the virus – even if you’re socially distanced.  
Why not give your guests peace of mind by leaving your cleaning to a professional service that has strict enforcements as to their COVID precautions? 
This way, you can be sure your rental is kept in a pristine and highly safe condition, so that any guests can enjoy their stay without worrying about surfaces having been used by previous visitors. 
Though you’ll have to spend a little more on a cleaning service, it really can be worth the time saved and the quality of service provided. Next time you’re snowed with bookings, consider going that extra step to ensure comfort and safety for your guests. 
With the constant care and attention required of your cleaning, as well as the safety measures that a pandemic requires, a hands-off approach is a more and more intuitive way of handling your property. 

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