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COVID-19: How to Make Your Airbnb More COVID-19 Safe

Making Your Airbnb Listing COVID-19 Safe

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted the travel and tourism industry massively and has left us all housebound for the most part of 2020.   

Now that the UK is on the path to easing its restrictions and slowly opening up to the world again, we can hopefully expect to see an increase in the number of Airbnb bookings in these upcoming months.  

Guests will be more anxious than ever when trying to find a clean and safe space to stay so it’s important to exceed their expectations and show them that every effort has been made to ensure that their health and safety is a priority when it comes to COVID-19.  

We have compiled four ways in which you can make your listing more COVID-19 safe to give your guests that extra piece of mind when choosing to stay with you. 

Your Cleaning Protocol:

To host on Airbnb, you must now follow Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, a set of guidelines on how to clean and sanitize your space in the home sharing industry.   

Airbnb outlines its rigorous 5-step Cleaning Guide, with guidance on personal protective equipmentroom-to-room cleaning procedureswhat to sanitize and what cleaning products to use.  

Hosts that comply to Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol will be given a badge shown on their listing so guests can see that the host is following all cleaning guidelines and committed to ensuring their safety.  

Your guests will want to feel safe in your environment, therefore, it’s crucial to do everything to better your cleaning practices. 

If you’re used to cleaning your space yourself and feel that you cannot commit the time to Airbnb’s rigorous steps, then you should consider hiring a professional cleaner from a reputable and trusted cleaning company to comply with COVID-19 regulations. 

Your Rugs and Carpets: 

It’s pretty common to have carpeted floors in the UK for those cold winter months, or if you have wooden or tiled floors then you’ll probably have a decorative rug in your rented space for that extra comforting feel. 

Unfortunately, carpets and rugs are breeding ground for germs and dirt. They need to be deeply cleaned and steamed frequently to maintain sanitation.  

The lifespan of COVID-19 on your carpet or rug depends on the humiditytemperature and porosity of the carpet surface, however, it would be a lot safer to consider removing your rug and/or hiring a professional cleaner to ensure peace of mind for you and your guests. 

Not to mention, it could also be cost effective for you in the long run to consider removing any permanent carpets in your Airbnb and replacing them with tiles and flooring. 

The Perfect Set Up: 

Don’t forget to implement items to protect your guests from COVID-19 during their stay too.  

Place hand sanitizer by entrances and exits of the property, add air purifiers to the bedrooms, and do a little shopping before they check in – get some hand soap for every bathroom and sink in your Airbnb. You could even gift your guests new and sealed face masks in case they need one. 

Applying these items into your rental property will help your guests to feel safe and help upkeep your clean and safety standards for future guests too. 
It’s important to keep outside contact with your guests to a minimum. Perhaps you could consider alternative methods of key exchange and sending your welcome pack to your guests digitally rather than physically in your Airbnb.  

During Your Guests’ Stay: 

During your guests’ stay, it’s best not to offer in-house cleaning services until they have checked out, this is to help minimize any risk of exposure and transmission of COVID-19 between people.  

You can explain to your guests that your regular visiting and cleaning services have changed due to COVID-19 through their digital welcome letter and pack.  

If your guests are staying longer term, then feel free to offer them extra bed linen and towels, or door-to-door drop off services complying with COVID-19 safe practices such as social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands.  

Your guests’ will completely understand and ultimately respect you for keeping their best interests and health at heart.

The bottom line: 

After short-term rental being restricted for the last few months, you could be at an additional loss if you do not try to ensure your guests’ health and safety. You should try to do everything possible to increase attraction to your listing and being up to date with your COVID-19 safety is an essential part for success

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