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How to Market Your Property on Instagram!

Using Instagram to Promote Your Airbnb Listing

Instagram is a visual social media platform, therefore, it’s a great way to showcase your rental space and gain online exposure through images and videos.  

Not to mention, it’s an impressive way to get inspiration from other Airbnb pages; network with travel lovers and content creators and reach potential future guests.

Considering that Instagram has over 1.074 billion monthly worldwide users, it’s no shock that it’s a powerful social media platform, perfect for marketing your awesome Airbnb stay. 

Here’s our guide on how to use Instagram effectively to promote your Airbnb: 

Ready, Steady, Go…

Setting up your Airbnb’s Instagram page can be a little confusing at first, especially if you’re unfamiliar with Instagram in general.  

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, so you don’t have to hire professional social media specialist to help you do the basics… 

  1. First, to make an account with Instagram, all you’ll need is an email address or a phone number
  2. Next, pick a username that reflects your Airbnb or stay. We recommend to use your listing’s name if you already have one. For example, “Sunshine Stay”.  
    You may find that your desired user name is already taken or in use. In this case, consider adding your location or numbers to your username, for example, if London is your location and/or your house number is 10, then consider the following examples, @SunshineStayLdn, or @SunshineStay10. 
    Top tip: keep your username as simple and short as possible, so that it’s memorable and easy for people trying to find your profile. 
  3. Edit your profile layout. 
Your Profile Layout

On your blank profile page, you will find the “Edit Profile” button located underneath your username. 
Here, you can add information and features to your profile about your Airbnb, such as, your profile photoprofile namebiography and website link to your website or Airbnb listing. 

For your biography, you should include: 

  1. Your Airbnb’s location; 
  1. A catchy description of your Airbnb; 
  1. A link to your booking site or Airbnb listing. 

Top tip: Switch to a professional/business account, as it will allow you to categorise your profile as a property or hotel, helping to describe your page better to viewers.  
Not to mention, by switching to a professional account, you can obtain insights from viewers who engage with your content; reach audiences further than you would normally and add your contact options so that people can easily contact you about your Airbnb –an essential feature to bringing in new bookings.  

Explore more reasons as to why you should switch to a professional/business account for your Airbnb’s Instagram!

Show and Tell

Your Theme

Instagram is a visual platform filled with photos and videos. When it comes to your content, try to keep in mind that all of your posts should look aesthetically pleasing and cohesive on your Instagram feed (your profile) to entice viewers to stay on your page for longer.  

The most effective way of ensuring that your feed looks good to your viewers is to simply create a theme

Focus on creating a consistent theme around your use of colourslighting and editing style. A great way to do this is by using presets and editing effects (customised filters for editing photos) in all of your posts. 

Adobe Lightroom is a great free app to use when editing photos for your Instagram feed.

The Media Content 

  1. Inside your Airbnb 

Once you’re happy with your Airbnb’s aesthetic, it’s time to snap some pictures on your camera for your Instagram page.  

Showing off your Airbnb, room by room is a great place to start.  Don’t be scared of showing off everything, from whole rooms to tiny details – people love to see it all

Be sure to focus on what your property has to offer a guest, highlight and emphasise the best parts of your property’s space and know when it’s appropriate to use photos of smaller, up-close details, ie,. When you have just added a new piece of furniture to your Airbnb’s living room, or want to show off the quality of the bed frames

Remember that you’ll be using Instagram to showcase your Airbnb, therefore, treat it like a second listing opportunity. Consider hiring a professional photographer to snap some pictures of your Airbnb to add to your online presence and professionalism.  

  1. Outside of your Airbnb 

Expanding your Instagram’s media content to outside of your Airbnb’s four walls is a huge game changer. Guests may love the interior design of your rental, but most likely won’t be spending all of their time there. 

It’s a great opportunity to show off where your Airbnb is located, so that the viewers can get a true feel for the guest experience

Consider taking photos and videos of your favourite local bar, or show off some funky street art. Taking your content outside of your Airbnb, is a great way to inspire people to visit the area and book a stay with you. 

Instagram was originally used for posting photos and videos directly to your feed. However, in 2021, Instagram has a vast number of additional photo and video features like, storiesreels, IGTVlive stream, etc. 

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  1. Hashtags and Algorithm 

Now that you’ve successfully set up your profile, taken and edited some good media content, ready to post, the next question is, “how can anyone find my Airbnb’s Instagram page?” 

Well, that’s where hashtags come in.  

When you want to post some content; photos or videos to your feed, you can add a caption to your posts, in addition to, up to 30 hashtags per post.  

Using popular and well searched hashtags are one of the many ways you can attract new guests.  

In the world of social media, using Google to find a good Airbnb to stay at isn’t always the only search options guests use. It’s pretty common to search for hashtags to find hidden Airbnb gems, or just to check out different locations before they book a getaway.  

If your Airbnb is located in London, you could use the following popular hashtags: 

  • #London 
  • #AirbnbLondon  
  • #LDN  
  • #GetawayLondon  
  • #Instanthotel  
  • #AirbnbHotel  

If your Airbnb is in a certain part of the country, ie., Camden Town, North London, then consider using smaller and specific hashtags to really niche down. For example: 

  • #CamdenMarket 
  • #AirbnbCamden 
  • #CamdenLondon 
  • #CamdenTown 
  • #NorthLondon 

Hashtags are used to help you describe your posts, so you can also use them to show what’s in the photo or video. For example, #BunkBeds, #ChicModernDesign or #DiningRoomDecor. 

It’s a good rule of thumb to pick hashtags that are trending but aren’t too popular. That’s because, some larger hashtags like, #London (with 149 million posts), gets used in new posts every few seconds, this in turn, pushes your posts further and further away from being discovered.  

On the other hand, you don’t want to use super niche and specific hashtags like, #CamdenRental, because, if not many people are using the hashtag, then not many people are searching for that hashtag. 

Top tip: Only use hashtags that are relevant to your post. You will be attracting the wrong people if your post is to do with your Airbnb and you use the hashtag #DogLover, especially if you aren’t even a pet friendly Airbnb. 

  1. Engage and Interact  

Aside from hashtags, another way to drive traffic towards your Instagram page is to engage and interact with other accounts, especially similar accounts to yours, such as, travel related pages or other Airbnb’s. 

Engaging and interacting with others on Instagram is a great idea, you can like, comment on and share posts from creators and make authentic connections.  

When you get a new follower, give them a follow back, like and comment on their posts to show your interest in their Instagram posts. Also, if they interact with your posts, be sure to reply to their comments to encourage them to engage with any of your future posts.  

Engaging with followers shows your viewers that there’s a real human connection behind your profile, this in turn, helps you to build trust and become respectable online as a host

When potential guests stumble across your page, they’ll be checking out your likes and comments to see if you have a genuine online presence and a good brand identity.  Too many generic comments like: “cool post”, or “good photo”, doesn’t add much to your reputation and might even be a warning to viewers that your Airbnb isn’t the go-to place to be because your comments don’t appear genuine.  
Try to build real and meaningful connections so that you receive legitimate comments like, “I love your interior design, I was thinking of something similar for my Airbnb” or, “I’d love to book a visit with you, how can I do so?” 

Just remember to engage with other people’s posts in a way you’d appreciate to be engaged with.  

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