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How to Successfully Manage Your Airbnb Property Remotely

Managing Your Airbnb Remotely

Ever dreamed of being on a white sand beach surrounded by palm trees and clear blue ocean water, a fresh coconut in hand, soaking up the rays and still earning an income?  

One of the greatest beauties of owning an Airbnb property is the freedom you possess from managing your property remotely. Whether that be on a tropical white beach paradise, or a few miles down the road from your rental property, it’s more achievable than you think. 

As a host, you’ll still want to offer a 5-star service for your guests, no matter where you are in the world. The happier your guests are, the happier you will be too. 

Keep on reading to see our 6 helpful tips on how to successfully manage your Airbnb property remotely, even for when you’re travelling. 

  1. Communication  

It’s important to keep an open line of communication with your guests throughout their stay; in case they have an queries or concerns with their booking.  

Having a clear line on communication and responding in a timely manner (ideally within a 12-24 hour window), through your booking platform, email or social media will help you to gain a good reputation when it comes to your reviews. 

Important reminder: good reviews are key to getting more bookings!  

We know that in the world of Airbnb, or short-term rentals, it can be competitive. There are so many property listings available to a viewer. So, that being said, if you don’t respond swiftly, you’ll likely find that your potential guest has already found another host who with a better communication time. 

Put yourself in the guests’ shoes, think about how long you would want to wait for a response if you’re looking to pay for a stay. 

Check out our guide on more tips on how to get positive reviews on your Airbnb stay. 

  1. Check In and Out 

Have you ever had a really long and tiring journey to your destination? The last thing you want is to be held up from accessing your accommodation, especially when you need it most. 

Ensuring that a guest’s check-in (and check out) process goes smoothly is essential to keeping your guests happy (and your booking numbers afloat!) 

To manage your rental from far away, you won’t be there physically in person to hand over the keys to your guests, so you’ll need to implement a self-check in service they can use. 

There are many various ways to exchange keys and access codes with your guests. 

Remote friendly check-in options: 

  • Lockboxes  
  • Smartlocks  
  • Key Exchange service 

Airbnb Lockbox 

A lockbox is small and strong storage device made to store the keys to your Airbnb safely. Consider it to look like a metal safe, but smaller and usually located on the wall near the entrance of the property. You will have to communicate with your guest to give them the code to access the keys inside. 
Airbnb Smartlocks 

smartlock lives up to its name – they’re a really nifty and smart way to lock and unlock your property’s front door. Your door will be fitted with a device that requires a security code for access, similar to a lockbox, but digital, so no keys are being used other than a specific code. 

It means that as a smart lock is digital, you’re able to generate, activate and delete a code, using any device such as, a smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world. 

Explore further to find out other ways you can exchange keys with your guests. 

  1. Professional Cleaners and Reliable Contractors  

Professional Cleaners 

Your Airbnb’s cleanliness and sanitation will be your guests upmost concern upon arrival and throughout the duration of their stay. That’s why hiring professional and reputable cleaners is paramount to your remote success. They are able to follow proper cleaning procedures and measures, in order to run your Airbnb efficiently while you’re out of town. 
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Reliable Contractors 

If something goes wrong at any point during your guests stay, you’ll need to know who your next port of call will be to help you in an unexpected emergency.  

Maybe a pipe has burst, there’s no hot water, or even your washing machine has broken down – you’ll need to sort these issues promptly before your guests become angry enough to pack up and check out early, or worse – leave a bad review. 

By connecting with reliable contractors and maintenance people, you’re allowing for a stress-free, peace of mind for your Airbnb’s success while you’re away. Explain your situation to your contractors clearly to ensure they’re onboard as a reliable contact should a problem arise. 

  1. Comprehensive Welcome Pack  

As your guests will be arriving to your Airbnb without your physical attendance, they may not be able to ask for local recommendations, or feel that if they ask too many questions to you through email or message, they will be bothering you – which of course, wouldn’t be the case. 

However, creating a personalised welcome pack is a great way to show your guests that you are a considerate host, regardless of being unavailable to visit in person. 

Things to include in your welcome pack: 

  • Personalised welcome letter 
  • House rules 
  • Wifi passwords 
  • Appliance operation manuals 
  • Nearby attractions and restaurants  
  • Emergency contact details 

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  1. Home Security  

If you don’t have someone nearby that can check on your property from time to time, it’s worth installing some security features for when your property isn’t being occupied by guests. 

Consider installing CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, motion detectors and other security measures that can be synced to your smart phone or computer devices to send alerts when something is happening. By doing so, you’re able to relax knowing that everything is running smoothly. 

Read our guides for other Airbnb security tips

  1. Rental Management  

You still don’t believe us when we say it’s possible to be remote and still manage your Airbnb bookings successfully? Well, if the other 5 tips didn’t seem to tickle your fancy, then consider this: 

A rental management company  

If you feel like after reading this article, managing your Airbnb yourself remotely isn’t for you, and you actually want to enjoy your time away from the Airbnb world, but still want an income; a rental management company like Keey could be just what you are looking for. 

Keey offers management services depending on your needs; from full-time (in person) help to flexible online assistance. Not only helping you to manage your current guest bookings, but to help you gain further bookings (and more money!)  
Here’s some services Keey offers: 

  • Guest communication 
  • Listing and price optimisation 
  • Professional photography 
  • Guest approval and vetting 
  • Personal key exchange and check-in  
  • Professional house keeping 
  • Supplied hotel quality linen, towels and toiletries 
  • Property maintenance  
  • Guided check out  

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With thousands of hosts wanting to turn their Airbnb hustle into a passive income, we know how to make your dreams come true. Speak to one of our advisors over at Keey to see how much, you could be earning without lifting a finger. 

Discover how much your property could earn you