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6 Subtle Tips for Cleaning Your Airbnb

Ensuring a Spotless and Sanitary Airbnb

We’ve all heard the expression “cleanliness is next to godliness” at some point in our lives. When it was first used in the 17th century, its meaning was that those who are clean are seen as good. Even though it was largely used with religious undertones, the idea of cleanliness equalling goodness is certainly important in a world where we are now fully aware of the bacteria and viruses around us. This is even more pronounced following the Coronavirus pandemic in March of 2020

Your Airbnb will undoubtedly need to be seen as both good and clean. If it isn’t, then not just will you not be able gain new hosts and make a profit due to bad reviews, but – worst case scenario – you could be facing legal actions depending on the severity of the consequential health problems of your guests. 

No matter how thorough your cleaning might be, there can still be oversights. There are very subtle things you need to take note of and go the extra mile to ensure your property is sanitary. Here are six tips that can aid you with cleaning your Airbnb for when your guests arrive: 

1) Clean the light switches. 

Lightbulbs are a good example of something that can get easily overlooked. Then again, it’s only second nature that we enter a room that’s rather dimly lit or dark and we flip the light switch to brighten it. However, those switches have been touched by not just yourself, but countless other people, all with bare hands that carry millions of bacteria. It is being transferred to new people while also mixing with different bacteria to create even more. Not to mention a layer of dust that will naturally accumulate over time on the surface of the switches. 

But remember – be extremely careful when cleaning something electrical. A simple recommendation is that you only wipe the switch, but make sure that the cloth or tissue you use isn’t soaked in water or cleaning liquid. 

2) Avoid clutter. 

There’s nothing like having attention to detail. Possessing it shows how much effort you put into doing something, a characteristic that your guests will undeniably be looking out for. You’re probably thinking of placing an item—or several items—in the room a guest will be sleeping in. 

This is where you’re going to need to stop yourself. As nice and smart as it is to scatter charming knickknacks around a room, or maybe even a painting on a wall, it’s important that you don’t create clutter. If anything, leave the room as bare as possible to allow for the guest to make room for their own items. This will help it appear more welcoming for them. Also, your own clutter will gather dust after a while, so this is not advisable because of possible allergies. 

3) Don’t forget drains. 

Cleaning the oven is a nightmare. Cleaning the fridge is a nightmare. Cleaning the toilet is a nightmare. Those things are all unsettling to say the least, but similar to the latter, there is another thing that can perhaps make your stomach churn thinking about cleaning it: drains. 

Granted, toilets are actually drains themselves, but by this, we mean drains you have either in the sink or the bath/shower. Immediately, when you hear “bath/shower drain”, you can only picture the amount of hair you’ll be finding yourself dealing with. Whether it’s your own hair or someone else’s, it’s unquestionably repulsive to handle a wet bundle of locks that once belonged on a body somewhere. Similarly, the thought of handling old bits of food in the kitchen sink is also an unpleasant thought, so you can imagine what a drain must be like. 

The best way to clean a drain, especially if it’s become blocked, is to use hot water, baking soda, and cleaning vinegar.

4) Hair today, gone tomorrow. 

As mentioned in the previous tip, it’s not very nice to find someone else’s hair. It doesn’t even need to be down a drain; you could just be sitting down at a table, or on a sofa, and you come across some. They get everywhere

The best way to collect hairs is not by using your own hands, but a lint roller. As noted by Airbnb host Laura in Cottonwood, Arizona: 

“After I wash all the bedding, I take a lint roller to the sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Clean bathroom floors on your hands and knees. It’s quicker and easier, and you won’t miss any hairs” 

Keep in mind, though, that it’s not just going to be human hair you’ll be dealing with. If you or your guests have pets you’ll find that these will be worse as there’ll be more of it. Unlike with human hair, dog hair should be cleaned away using a hoover and a wet sponge due to the larger quantity that you’ll be finding. 

5) Use the same cleaning product. 

To say “all-in-one” may conjure up thoughts relating to words frequently uttered in televised infomercials, but an all-in-one cleaning product is essential. It will save you money from buying different cleaning products and prevent you from accidentally mixing them; this could cause dangerous consequences and should be avoided at all costs. You can also look for cheaper alternatives opposed to big-name brands, something that should easily be found in a local cleaning shop. 

6) Finish old soap and shampoo. 

You should always use or dispose of half-used products before your guests arrive. Pretend you’ve just settled into another Airbnb or even a hotel room. You want to use the soap to wash your hands or help you clean yourself in the bath/shower, but what’s this? The bottle is almost empty, or the bar is practically miniscule. You would much prefer ones that are complete, new, and yet to be used, and your guests will hold a similar opinion. You’ll find that the toiletries you provide could make or break your Airbnb

In short 

There are certainly things that you can miss when it comes to cleaning your Airbnb. The important thing is just not to overlook the smaller details. They still exist, so it’s best to acknowledge them as well. If you ignore them, then a guest certainly won’t at some point. If one guest says their trip wasn’t clean in their review, this could put off a dozen others from even staying with you, so it’s always worth investing the time to make sure your property is as clean as possible. 

These six tips are a good way to ensure your guests are in a perfect and clean environment during their stay. There are many other smaller details that should be taken on board when cleaning your Airbnb, so if you would like to learn more, contact us at Keey today. 

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