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Advice On Beds at Your Airbnb

Creating the Perfect Beds for Your Airbnb Guests

 After a long and busy day, there is nothing like resting up in a comfortable bed. Guests at your Airbnb will have been travelling for the majority of the day, whether they were making their way to your abode or are still staying there and are just having a trip out. No matter what, they will be anticipating a pleasant night’s sleep. 

Imagine yourself in their shoes – you wouldn’t be very happy if you were ready to rest up, only to find out that your bed was in very poor condition. A poor mattress is a common cause of difficulty with sleeping. Perhaps this has happened to you before, and you want to make sure no one else goes through similar experiences. Well, you’re reading the right article if you want to know what to do! Here are four tips on how to ensure that your beds are perfect for your guests at your Airbnb: 

1. Mattress age. 

Nothing lasts forever, and this includes beds, let alone mattresses. Lifespans of mattresses vary depending on the type that they are, but if they are at least 10 years of age, then it’s fair to say it should be pushing up daisies anyway. 

2. Comfort. 

At the end of the day, this is all we want from a mattress, isn’t it? There’s no point in resting on a mattress that doesn’t feel comfortable, as that’ll mean your guests will have difficulty sleeping (or might not be able to anyway). In terms of comfort, these factors need to be taken onboard: 

  • The firmness – This really depends on how guests prefer it to be. Some like a usual soft mattress, while others would rather sleep on one that is firmer. 
  • Is it even? – Are there bumps and dips in the mattress? If there are, then it is safe to assume that your guests will not be pleased, as an uneven mattress can cause – or even worsen – any prior issues with pain in the back and neck. Those bumps and dips are a good sign that the mattress has been well used, and perhaps a sign that it’s time to flip it over or – worst case scenario – it’s time for it to be replaced. 
  • Protruding springs – This is a no-brainer. If there are springs sticking through the mattress, then the best thing is not to try and remove the harmful objects or make them less obtrusive. If anything, that mattress has to go. Those springs are a health and safety hazard, and the last thing you want is an injured guest who wants their money back and/or is taking you to court. 

3. Cleaning the bed. 

By cleaning the bed, we mean all of it. Not just the bedframe or the mattress, but under and around it too. Granted, to say that you’re scared of what’s under the bed might sound childish, but for an adult, it has its own horror linked to it. You’ll find more than just dust gathered under there, as well as anything that had fallen under it to never be seen again until you decided to get cleaning. There’ll be millions of bacteria forming away which absolutely needs to be got rid of. 

Also, the aforementioned dust? That is just a hotbed for the microscopic dust mites that could be running rampant. Dust mites themselves are not directly harmful towards humans but their presence alone can trigger allergic reactions and be more harmful towards people who suffer from asthma. 

4. Pillows. 

Very few people can sleep in a bed without using a pillow, so always make sure that there are pillows with the beds you provide for guests to sleep in. As said, not everyone may use them, but the option must definitely be supplied. However, while the majority of sleepers will certainly need a pillow, there is more to having one than meets the eye. Just like with mattresses, some pillows can be firmer than others, and everyone has their own preferences. The best thing to do here is to offer various pillows of different firmness so they can choose which they wish to use. Additionally, after you’ve prepared the rest of the bed, fluff the pillows on them to make the bed appear even more welcoming. If you want to go a step further and apply some bells and whistles, you could leave a mint or a small piece of chocolate on the pillow. 

In Conclusion 

Everyone wants to have a good night’s rest after a long and busy day. If the bed is not to the standards of your guests, you’ll very likely be hearing some rather heated words. A mattress that is not of good quality, is old, and clearly hasn’t been cleaned all point towards potential health and safety violations, something that can easily shut down your Airbnb (and, at the very least, leave you with bad reviews). 

This list was merely just a small number of tips that can help you with your beds at your Airbnb. If you want to know more, contact Keey today

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