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How to Prevent Guests Throwing Parties in Your Airbnb

Preventing Guests from Breaking Airbnb Rules

In 2020, Airbnb banned all house parties from being thrown in any listings. COVID-19 restrictions meant that more and more guests turned to Airbnb. In the past, some Airbnb properties have allowed guests to throw parties. However, there was a rise in guests violating hosts rules as well as lockdown restrictions. With some guests even throwing huge parties and leaving hosts to pay for the damage. So, Airbnb has resorted to strict rules that prohibit all parties in Airbnb listings. 

As a host, you may always have concerns about your guests and how they treat your property. It’s highly essential to vet guests before arrival and ensure they will treat your property with respect. Below we will share some tips that will help you prevent guests from breaking Airbnb rules and damaging your property.

What is the Airbnb Party and Events Policy?

Unauthorized parties, where the host is unaware, have always been prohibited. But, from the 20th of August 2020, Airbnb put a stop to all large gatherings. They also put in place a cap of 16 guests per stay. There is no certainty as to when the ban will end.   

Breaking the rules can lead to serious consequences for both hosts and guests. Guests who throw parties while staying at an Airbnb can face removal or suspension from the platform. If Airbnb finds the host to be complicit, their listing can be removed. If a listing is repeatedly disturbing the surrounding community, then the Airbnb host will be asked to update the rules or suspend the listing.  

So, to clarify, Airbnb now prohibits the following until further notice:  

  • Gatherings of more than 16 people  
  • All disruptive parties and events  

How can I prevent guests from throwing parties in my listing?

Don’t accept one-night bookings

Why not try some preventative measures to deter guests looking to use your property for parties? You can list your Airbnb property with a minimum stay of two nights or more. Most guests who want to throw a party will book an Airbnb for one night.  

A further benefit of listing your Airbnb for longer stays is reduced maintenance costs such as cleaning. Whilst some guests may have good intentions, one-night bookings can be a bad sign.

Check Reviews

Reviews are a vital aspect of Airbnb for hosts as well as guests. After the completion of a guest’s stay, all parties are allowed to leave a review. Reviews help potential guests to find out more about a property and hosts to see if guests are reliable and trustworthy.  

You should look out for warning signs in guest reviews and reconsider hosting guests with any bad reviews. As part of Airbnb’s crackdown on parties, some locations have banned people under the age of 25 with less than 3 positive reviews from booking an Airbnb within their local areas.

Have a clear policy

It’s also worthwhile to make use of your description area. Let potential guests know that you have a no party policy. Ensure guests that you are a responsible host by maintaining a high standard for your property and reflecting this in your listing. This is a great way to deter guests looking to break the rules.  

Remind your guests of Airbnb policy, the company has made it very clear that parties are no longer allowed. Some guests may even notice that there is no longer an “event-friendly” search filter. All of this also serves as a form of insurance. In the unfortunate event that your guests throw a party, they have been warned several times. 

Just ask

If you are concerned that your guests are planning to throw a party, the best thing to do is to be direct and simply ask. As the host, you have the right to ask and cancel their stay if you are unsatisfied with their answer. It can be very difficult to tell if a guest may be planning to throw a party but you can take this as an opportunity to use your judgment and make a rational decision.  

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you can’t tell how your guests will treat your listing but, you can trust that most people will be looking for a property to enjoy responsibly. Vet your guests in advance and ensure they are aware of your listings policy. Remember to read Airbnb’s Party and Events policy and stay up to date on any changes that may affect you. 

For more information about property management and preventing parties in your listing, contact Keey today. 

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