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How To Make Your Airbnb Property More Environmentally Friendly

Simple Steps to an Environmentally Friendly Property

Airbnb lettings are becoming a more popular source of revenue for many homeowners. This is because the market for inexpensive housing in various places around the world is what drives Airbnb’s success.  

There are plenty of renters and prospective property landlords who are interested in Airbnb. In addition, modifying your Airbnb rental in a way that reflects sustainability is not only beneficial to your business but also signifies how much you care about the environment, giving you a competitive edge.  

If your latest venture is to reduce your carbon footprint, then here are some simple ways to make your Airbnb property more environmentally friendly. 

Have A Recycling Or Compost Bin 

Depending on where you are in the world, you may have recycling services provided by your local government or council. By placing different coloured bins in the kitchen (i.e. blue bin for paper/cardboard and orange bin for cans and plastic bottles), guests can easily sort their rubbish and discard of it sensibly.  

Some hosts also install a small compost bin in the kitchen where tenants can discard their food waste. If you plan to do this, make sure that your guests know where to empty it, or if you share your residence with them, make sure to empty it frequently so it doesn’t smell or attract insects. 

An additional option is for you to encourage your homeowners’ association or write to your local council to have a recycling or composting facility in your neighbourhood if you don’t already have one. 

Make Use Of Energy Saving Lights 

You may not know this, but the lights you use in your Airbnb rental may be making it more energy inefficient.  

If the energy inefficiency of your rental is high, it means that you are consuming a lot of energy unnecessarily and accumulate high electricity bills. This is not only a waste of your money, but it is also a poor way to use the earth’s resources. To combat this, the best thing to do is to purchase LED bulbs which are relatively cheap. Not only are they better for the environment (and cheaper for you concerning your electricity bill), but they also have a longer lifespan, which means you won’t have guests calling you to replace bulbs during their stays. 

Provide Ecological Cleaning Products 

Ecologically aware renters appreciate products that do not contain toxic chemicals as they are better for the earth and could be safer for people with skin conditions and allergies.  

The pleasant news is that most supermarkets now carry a range of eco-friendly products, from organic soaps to toilet cleaning products.  

You no longer find these products in specialised stores; you can easily buy them in any large supermarket and eco tenants will see it as a kind gesture from an environmentally aware host! 

Offer Reusable Shopping Bags 

You can help endorse the reduction of plastic bag usage by providing guests with reusable shopping bags during their stay. Some Airbnb owners buy bags that feature their city name or an iconic local image and give them as welcome gifts. This way, when they go shopping, they don’t have to purchase plastic bags which are an added cost to the customer and the environment.  

For people who care about the earth, this gesture can go a long way, and it could be the motivating factor that could convince some renters to switch to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  

Forget About Disposable Containers 

In your transition to eco-friendliness, another thing that you may overlook is the type of storage container you use. For example, you may use many disposable containers to store certain items in your Airbnb.  

It’s best to use long-lasting glass or ceramic containers that you can refill and reuse in the future. Provide guests with paper bags or glass food storage containers and you will certainly gain the approval of sustainably conscious travellers.  

While this may seem like a simple change, you will be glad you did it, since you’re reducing the overall waste and helping the environment in the process. 


Going green on your Airbnb listing is an extra step that you don’t have to take. However, the results will certainly satisfy you and your guests. If you are an advocate for a low-impact life, then you should try to make your Airbnb accommodation more sustainable.  

Additionally, some of these sustainable changes will help you save some money in the long run by reducing the number of times you have to buy certain items. Plus, it can be a unique branding strategy for your Airbnb rental property.  

If you’re a host interested in incorporating environmentally-friendly alternatives within your Airbnb property, we here at Keey can help! Check out our services here

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