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8 Essentials You Need for Your Airbnb Bathroom

Bathroom Amenities for Your Airbnb Guests

One of the biggest draws in renting an Airbnb over a hotel is the wish to rent entire homes rather than sharing the accommodation. This is particularly true when you consider the household amenities and creature comforts an entire home can offer. It makes the guests’ stay more freeing, more homely, and more accommodating – a real home away from home! 

One area in your property that is absolutely crucial to make accessible and well-stocked is the bathroom. The master bathroom is one of the two most important rooms in a house – the other being the kitchen.  Everyone uses the bathroom at least once a day, and it’s one of the rooms the guest will frequent the most! 

This means it is equally as important to make sure the bathroom is well stocked. This can range from absolute essentials to slight luxuries, depending on your personal taste, clientele, and property. 

Some guests see anything above the bare minimum as a bonus, whereas some will expect certain basics to be provided as standard, so make sure you know who your guests are and what they want! 

It is important to ensure that you cover the range of your customer’s needs, and this list will help with anything you may have forgotten. Here are 8 bathroom essentials for your Airbnb. 

What to include in your Airbnb’s bathroom 

Obviously, when you think of a bathroom, there are some no-brainer items that come to mind. These include items like toilet paper and clean linens like towels. Every guest should have at least one clean towel each provided – no exceptions! 

But there are some more easily forgotten items that you should be including to make both you and your guest’s life easier. These include: 

#1 Toiletries 

Toiletries are an easy inclusion to really boost your bathroom. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are the absolute minimum you should include, despite the Airbnb amenities page for your listing only including shampoo. These items tend to be what hotels would provide, so following that logic is always good! 

Buying these items in bulk will lower your overhead costs, and providing full-size toiletries is often more of a deterrent to those who like to pinch the toiletries from their rental! For anything like shower gel or hand soap, you want to try to go for more neutral or unscented soaps to avoid problems for your Airbnb guests that might suffer from allergies to chemicals

Some other great things to include are items like feminine hygiene products and a travel kit with a toothbrush and toothpaste. These are items that can prevent a mad dash to the nearest shop and can really be a lifesaver for anyone caught short! 

#2 Hairdryer 

The inclusion of a hairdryer is perfect for almost every Airbnb. It is an inexpensive way to boost the overall experience for the guest. It’s a small detail that can really make a difference and help you to stand out from the rest! 

#3 Storage Space 

Make sure to give guests space to live! People want to be able to put their toothbrushes and toiletries down in the bathroom, so give them that option. If counter space is limited in your Airbnb bathroom, never fear – there are things you can include. 

Over the door hooks, towel rails, and shelves will improve the accessibility of your bathroom tenfold. You can even use a mirrored over-sink cabinet or utilise under sink space! These methods can double your space, and ensure guests have ample room to feel at home.  

#4 A Bin with a Lid 

This is an easily forgotten, yet essential, addition to any bathroom. This will help keep things clean and add a level of convenience for guests to dispose of anything they need to. Including instructions on what needs to be thrown away vs. what can be flushed can also be helpful, as different countries and areas have different rules on rubbish and recycling. 

#5 A Mirror and Good Lighting 

Bathrooms are often a space used for getting ready for the day or a night out. Adding a mirror can be a great help to anyone who wants to shave or put on makeup. However, you also need to make sure there’s sufficient light for your guests.  

Invest in some good wattage lightbulbs and increase natural light where you can. It’s all well and good putting a mirror up, but no help to anyone if they can barely see themselves! 

#6 Plunger and Air Freshener 

Adding a plunger in a discreet place in your bathroom is a great idea. It can prevent some embarrassing conversations and more work for you in the future. Make sure it is always clean for every guest – a dirty plunger can cheapen the bathroom and is something no one wants to deal with! 

Remember that not everyone travels alone – adding an air freshener will be a welcome sight for any of those looking for a relaxing getaway with their partner. It’s something a guest may not necessarily expect, but it will one hundred percent be something they appreciate! 

#7 First Aid Kit 

You know the old adage, better safe than sorry? Well, accidents happen, and it’s best to be prepared for anything that may happen to your guests while they are staying with you. If a guest rushes back to your property on account of a horrible bout of hay fever, it’s helpful to have antihistamines available on hand. 

A small kit with plasters, disinfectant wipes, and paracetamol is a great addition to a bathroom. Guests will appreciate that you are looking after them!  

#8 Bathmats 

Slipping on a tiled floor after leaving the shower is a real safety risk for anyone. Therefore, a bathmat is absolutely crucial for any Airbnb bathroom. They are an inexpensive way to prevent slips and falls and they even make the floor a little cleaner. 

Not to mention, you will save years of water damage by using a bathmat! Grab a couple so your guests can swap them out during their stay. Consider also placing a non-slip mat inside the shower itself to prevent further accidents. 


The easiest way to optimise your bathroom, strangely, is to think about yourself. What would you like from your stay somewhere? What would make your life easier? Once you include those items, you’ll be well on your way! 

Being proactive about important areas in your home puts less stress on both you and the guest. This is because it reduces the need for them to reach out to you with complaints about missing items and reduces their chance of finding issues. 

A bonus for you is that including these items in your bathroom will show guests that you have really considered their needs, making them feel seen and cared for in your property. This will increase your guest return rate and your online ratings. The more stress-free and comfortable the stay, the better – for both you and the guest! 

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