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Taking Your Own Airbnb Photos On A Budget

The Importance of High-Quality Photos

Airbnb photos are one of the most essential parts of your listing. The photos you use can make or break a guest’s booking decision. This is because according to experienced hosts, these photos are the first thing prospective guests see when considering your property. 

Airbnb listings with great photos tend to appear higher in search results and get more views. Factoring this into your marketing strategy is essential to achieving more bookings. 

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But how do you create top-quality photos that will boost your bookings? 

The good news is you don’t necessarily need a professional photographer. You can help increase your bookings by painting a picture of the perfect experience for your guests by utilising our photography tips. 

Read on to discover everything related to doing your own Airbnb photography including how to take the perfect photos and how to decorate your property. 

How Many Photos Can You Put on Airbnb Per Listing? 

Airbnb allows up to one hundred photos per listing. However, this does not mean you should upload that many. Doing so will not necessarily improve your listing, in fact, it may do the opposite. When uploading photos, you should always prioritise quality over quantity. 

Having a handful of bright, high-quality photos is better value than having one hundred grainy and blurred ones. Think about it this way – “does this photo add value to my listing?” If not then don’t post it. Potential guests don’t need to see repetitive photos of the same thing.  

Clean and Declutter your Airbnb 

Before you begin shooting your Airbnb photos, make sure your rental is spotless and pristine. This might seem obvious, but nothing puts guests off quicker than photos of a messy and unclean property. It gives off a feeling of unorganised chaos. 

It is important to note that clutter can also give the impression that your property is smaller than it actually is. Even if you don’t take a minimalist approach in your personal life, it’s beneficial to embrace it when you’re a host. Follow these steps to clean and declutter your Airbnb and get more listings: 

  • Vacuum and mop your floors. 
  • Free up room for your guest’s things. 
  • Arrange your furniture and plump up cushions. 
  • Find the balance between cosy and clutter-free. Add decorative objects such as plants and throw pillows – just not too many! 
  • Don’t get too personal. Try to keep guest areas free of family photos or other personal items. 

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Achieve the Perfect Lighting 

Having the perfect lighting is the key to professional-looking photos. When shooting photos for your Airbnb listing make sure to make the most of natural light. Open the blinds and curtains and shoot in the daytime. Natural light helps to enhance the contrast, depth and colours of your property. 

As well as this, remember to turn on all the lights before shooting. This is one thing that Airbnb photographers can easily overlook. Turning on all the lights will eliminate any dark corners in your photos and help make your photos seem more professional. 

It will also provide your potential guests with a nice, clear view of your property. This transparency is extremely beneficial in their decision-making process.  

Give Dimension to your Rooms by Shooting into a Corner 

Rather than directly facing a wall when shooting photos, try shooting into a corner. This gives your room more dimension and will give a better perspective of the room space. It can also make your room appear bigger and more inviting to potential guests. 

This will help you achieve more bookings, and is applied to every room. It is also important to factor in your focal point of the room, whether it’s the sofa in the living room, bed in the bedroom, oven in the kitchen, or bath/shower in the bathroom.  

Take Photos of the Surrounding Area 

People love to see the surrounding area of the property just as much as the property itself. Once you’ve perfected the photos inside your rentals, go out and take pictures of the neighbourhood. 

This can include things such as nearby restaurants, pubs, parks and any other local attractions. Try to dedicate some time and capture the essence and feel of the area.  

Select Your Best Shots 

Time to narrow down your Airbnb photos! As mentioned previously, always prioritise quality over quantity. Try to create a cohesive photo series where each photo flows from one to another. 

You should always be looking to put your best foot forward with your cover photo. It is your very first (and potentially only) opportunity to grab the attention of potential guests. The next few photos should highlight the best amenities your property has to offer. Ensure your photos capture your property in all its essence.  

Add a Descriptive and Catchy Caption to Every Photo 

Captions are an effective but under-used tool by Airbnb hosts. Captions provide the perfect opportunity to add some context to what the photo shows and highlight the experience your guests can enjoy.  

Step Back When Taking Photos 

When taking photos of your rooms, try to stand as far back as possible to fully capture the room. You want to give the impression of a large open space. A close-up photo can make a room look small and cramped while a photo taken a few steps back looks big, spacious and inviting. 

When considering how to take Airbnb photos remember little things can make a big difference. Great photos can increase your bookings and boost your Airbnb business! 

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