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How to Impress Your Airbnb Guests

Creating a Memorable Experience

Airbnb’s slogan is “Belonging Anywhere”. A successful Airbnb is homely and provides a true sense of belonging. Guests want to feel like a local and experience all the hidden gems your place has to offer.   

The greatest way to impress your guests is to make your Airbnb memorable. Making your Airbnb stand out is a sure-fire way to make sure they have the ultimate experience with you. 

Remember that accommodation is only one aspect of your guest’s experience, it’s the service you provide that’s more likely to leave a greater impact. 

If you’ve already got these 4 Features That Elevate Your Airbnb Experience, then below are some further suggestions to up the level of service you provide your guests. 

Provide Comfortable Bedding 

While providing clean and comfortable bed linen should be a baseline for your Airbnb, it’s easy to just buy sheets and a cheap mattress. Instead, make the investment and purchase the large bed, the 500 thread count sheets and the 10.5 tog duvet that’ll be warm and cosy all year round. You could even take the extra step and get a memory foam mattress topper. 

There’s no better feeling than getting in from a long day of travelling and falling into a bed that’s even comfier than your own. And if you can achieve this in your Airbnb you’re guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your guests and generate sparkling reviews.  

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Personalised Welcome 

A key feature of the Airbnb stay is for it to feel personalised. In a hotel a guest is just another number, but the Airbnb experience is much more personal. Guests like to feel cared for Guests like to feel and like the service you’re providing is specifically for them.  

A great way to achieve this is to give them a personalised welcome. This can be anything from a welcome hamper to a personalised welcome letter. This gives you a chance to introduce yourself to your guests and let them get to know you on a first name basis.  

This is particularly important for an Airbnb with a self-check-in option where you won’t have the chance to greet your guests in person.  

If you have time to go the extra mile you could always welcome your guests with a home baked treat with a little note explaining how you baked it especially to welcome them. You can never go wrong with a crowd pleaser like homemade banana bread. 

Provide the Unexpected 

The goal with impressing your guests is to provide a unique experience. If you can provide them with a service they’ve not received before, you’ll be bound to wow them.  

This also gives you the opportunity to add a personal flair to the service you provide your guests. Think of something you can provide your guests that will enhance their experience while they stay with you. For example, is there a local event on that you could purchase them tickets for? 

Tickets for a local attraction are a great option for any urban Airbnb. If this isn’t possible and your rental is in a more rural location, you’re likely to be attracting outdoorsy guests. So another option could be a complimentary touring pass for the National Trust with a list of the local National Trust gardens your guests should visit. 

Whichever you decide best fits your Airbnb, your guests will appreciate you having these tickets ready upon their arrival.  

A Bright and Fresh Space 

A lot of hosts underestimate the power of lighting in their Airbnb. So, make sure not to make the same mistake. First impressions are everything so take advantage of how lighting can make a home feel inviting.  

If you’ve got great natural lighting, take advantage and make sure the blinds are drawn in preparation for your guest’s arrival. If not, there are plenty of options you can take to light up your Airbnb and make it feel homely.  Choose warm coloured lamps and strategically place them around the room and leave one or two on for when your guests arrive.  

In addition to great lighting, make sure your Airbnb smells great too. You’ll be surprised by how such a small detail can leave a lasting impression on your guests. If possible leave a window open in preparation for your guest’s arrival so your rental will feel fresh and breezy when they open the door. Alternatively, provide scented candles or diffusers in each of the rooms so that your entire property is left smelling good.  

Be Willing to Help 

Perhaps more importantly than all of the above, make sure to always be on hand to help your guests should they need it.   

Go the extra step and be proactive and offer your service before they even come to you.  This might mean offering personalised recommendations after having conversations with your guests. You could also recommend activities you think might suit them based on their age and party size.  

Being available to help is a quick and friendly service that will leave a lasting impression and cost you no extra to provide.  

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