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Complimentary Food to Leave for Your Guests

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere with Complimentary Food

When we go on holiday, we always look forward to arriving at our Airbnb or hotel. A comfy bed, a great view, kettle and toaster are all nice to discover, but most unexpected and delightful of all is complimentary food.  

Last time you came across free biscuits and tea, didn’t it make you feel welcome? Now imagine if that level of satisfaction was felt by your guests at your Airbnb. If you gave a positive review for the places you’ve been to because of those unexpected treats, then imagine how beneficial it’ll be for you when guests do the same thing. 

Leaving food and drink for your guests is the perfect way of greeting them and showing that you’re pleased they chose to stay at your Airbnb. Even better – place those foodstuffs in a basket for presentation! 

Want to know what sort of complimentary food you should have on hand? Read this article to get some ideas. 

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Hot Beverages 

Wherever you decide to stay, the most common amenities that hosts will leave for their guests is the simple offering of tea and coffee. 

Most people have a preference of what they like to drink, with the debate as to which is better raging for countless years. That’s why it’s best to provide options! You may find that, for example, if there are two friends renting your Airbnb, one likes tea while the other likes coffee. 

To go the extra mile, it’s worth mentioning that some people like to have sugar and even cream with their drinks, so make sure these are stored somewhere as well. 

As a nice bonus, you can also offer an instant hot chocolate mix. Some brands are available in sachets, so buy some of these for your guests for a hotel-style experience, or stock a large container for an eco-friendly approach. 

Bottled Water 

This might sound like a peculiar choice, but there are a few reasons why you might provide bottled water. 

Firstly, depending on the source of your tap water it might not be safe for immediate consumption. Bottled water is a great solution and chance to explain the situation if you know your tap water needs to be boiled first. You could also prepare a full water filtering jug and store it in the fridge.  

Secondly, your guests may have forgotten to take bottles of water with them. By offering a couple to be used, you may be doing them a favour.  


With drinks covered, why not also leave some fruit for your guests? 

There’s a whole variety of different fruits out there, but don’t leave anything too fancy or exotic unless your rental is in a country where said types of fruit are commonplace. Just go with the basics – apples, oranges, pears, bananas or grapes are all crowd-pleasers. 

Remember – an apple a day keeps the doctor away! 


We all like to treat ourselves from time to time, especially with something sweet.  

You don’t need to go overboard and do anything too fancy. Think of something small – biscuits, chocolates, perhaps cupcakes or muffins. You could even opt for some pastries such as a croissant or pain au chocolat to provide an unexpected breakfast option.  

Do you want to go the extra mile and show that you’re looking forward to someone staying at your rental? Why not make those sweet treats yourself. It creates a whole other kind of personalised experience when it’s made with love and passion.  


Another great option for complimentary snacks is a couple of small packets of crisps. Basic salted crisps are a great bet as some people don’t like flavoured crisps.  

To Sum Up…  

When it comes to garnering positive reviews from your guests, complimentary food is a great bet. Leaving hot drinks, fruit and sweet or savoury snacks is a truly effective way to make your guests feel welcome and ensure they have a stand-out stay.  

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This was just a couple of ideas of how to welcome guests to your Airbnb. If you’d like more ideas or help with Airbnb management, contact us today at Keey. 

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