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Making the Best Use of Photos in Your Airbnb Listing

Optimizing Your Airbnb Photos

When making a listing on Airbnb, providing great photos is one of the most crucial steps in creating interest in your rental. You could have a unique space for a good price, but if the pictures don’t do it justice, you aren’t going to get the customers you expect.  

It isn’t just the pictures themselves that are important – it’s the order in which you present them. There’s no point in having great pictures after twenty blurry ones because by then you have lost the interest of the customer. 

Good use of photographs on your Airbnb listing can boost your probability of being booked by 16%, so if you’ve put the effort into taking great images, you want to make sure they are seen. How you select and order your photos is almost as important as the quality of the photo itself. So how do you ensure you are organising your pictures in the best way possible?  

By optimising the features Airbnb provides, you can present the best version of your property. Using the gallery, and paying special attention to your first few images, you can emphasise the highlights of your listing, in a way that everyone can see! 

Focus on Your First Photo

The first photo you use is your make or break: it is how people decide if they are interested in your rental. Your lead photo should include your USP to help you stand out from the crowd. Your USP is your unique selling point – the thing that is going to get the interest of potential guests.  

Figure out what it is about your rental that makes it stand out from the rest and find a way to show its best quality in a photograph. 

Whether you have a spacious master bedroom, a cosy garden, or a stunning view, make sure your first photo is an attention grabber. Consider the kind of renters you expect to have and adjust your lead photo to suit them. If you have a villa right next to the beach, guests are probably going to be more interested in the view than the antique wood burner in the kitchen.  

Your lead photo is your magnet – it is what you use to draw in potential guests. Don’t underestimate the importance of a great photo!  

Create a Tour 

After your lead photo, there are four more images that appear at the top of your listing in a grid. Use these photos to create a tour of your rental – start with the most important room (usually the master bedroom) and follow with each main area in your rental.  

You want to make the potential guests feel like they are walking through the property. Your listing can feel disjointed if you begin in the bathroom, and then move to a photo of the front door. Think about how you would show your property to a guest in person, and replicate that experience with your photos.  

The images should follow a natural progression, highlighting the best bits of your space. If your first five pics are enticing, people are more likely to click into your galleries or look further into renting your space.  

Don’t repeat locations in these first five images – if you use three pictures of the same bedroom, it creates the idea that it is the only good thing you have to offer. Show the guest everything you have in store.  

Use the Gallery  

The gallery is a great way to organise your images and make it easier for the potential renter to look through what you’re listing. Organise your gallery by room or area, to make it clear what is available in each part of your rental. Start with the most important or impressive space, and work through each of the main parts of your rental. 

The cover photo for each folder in your gallery should be the best picture of that area. You want them to be interested enough to click into the gallery, so your cover images need to entice them. Once they are in the folder, you can include images of smaller details, but always lead with the best: you don’t want them to lose interest.  

Don’t worry if you want to include images that don’t fit into any of your specific folders – that’s what the ‘additional photos’ section is for! Use it to show your quirks, pictures of the surrounding location, and anything you think could interest a customer.  

To Sum Up… 

If you’re putting in the work to get great photos of your Airbnb, make sure you’re using them the best way possible! Make your listing stand out by putting your best foot forward – now is the time to show off.  

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