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How to Keep Your Neighbours Happy as an Airbnb Host

Maintaining Good Relations with Neighbors

All tenants are very different and have their own personality. Some may be rowdy, and some may be quiet. But all in all, making sure they interact well with your neighbour will allow you to run your rental stress-free. 

Implementing a few basic ground rules to benefit your neighbours will help you keep on good terms with your neighbourhood – without any complaints. 

The Airbnb community can also help if you need any advice from highly experienced hosts.  


A curfew which is not too severe will ensure your tenants aren’t coming back too late at night and disturbing any neighbours. It can also provide you with a lot more peace of mind as you know the door is locked, and nobody can just enter at will.  

By enforcing a curfew like this you are reducing the noise pollution and causing less disturbances within your neighbourhood. You must list this on your Airbnb beforehand, so the tenants know what they are getting into. 

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Noise (Quiet Hours) 

Reduction of noise after a certain point in your Airbnb is crucial to keeping everyone happy. Make sure that you tell your tenants if they are being too loud especially if you are in an apartment complex or similar building. They should know this already as it’s the key to being a good tenant, but sometimes tenants can get a little carried away.  

Quiet hours should be attached to your Airbnb rules not only for you, but your neighbours. Usually quiet hours are between 10pm – 7am, but you could adjust according to your needs.  

You can also speak to your neighbours about how you have an Airbnb and let them know that if they have any complaints they can speak to you. Texting you is also an option as this can give you positive feedback to improve the way you run your Airbnb. 


Your tenants may bring back food, or something similar if they go out. Now, every tenant should be respectful towards you, but also respectful to your neighbourhood, so make sure that they know which bin outside is yours.  

Don’t let them litter on your property, or outside of it and let them know that it could result in them being fined. This reduces general pollution and a reduction in pests too, but your neighbours are most important as maintaining a good relationship with them can be useful.  

Cleaning up after yourself is something that everyone should do but some tenants may not. It’s important that they do otherwise it will not only affect you but your neighbours too. 

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Nice Interactions 

Your tenants should be friendly and pleasant towards your neighbours as if they are their neighbours too. If your tenants are disrespectful it could lead to complaints and potentially your Airbnb being shut down. In an Airbnb the tenants are only there temporarily, but you are there permanently.  

If your tenants build a great relationship with your neighbours, it could lead to them being happier and approving of your Airbnb. This could potentially give you a good review from their point of view.  

Choosing Tenants Wisely 

Make sure you check your tenants’ reviews before letting them use your Airbnb, as you might end up letting in someone who is toxic and not capable of being a good tenant. These people may cause more trouble than it’s worth so steering clear of them is wise.  

Obviously, don’t be too judgemental but it is truly up to you who you allow into your Airbnb. Just be warned that some tenants have a lot of red flags attached to them. 

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All in all, your neighbours are the key to a successful Airbnb. In worst cases, uncooperative tenants could lead to your Airbnb being shut down! Make sure to keep everyone happy: you, your tenants and your neighbours.  

Keep in touch with your tenants if you are hosting your whole house while you aren’t there. This way you can monitor if they are doing anything that can severely affect your further hosting. 

If you need any further help with anything Airbnb-related then feel free to contact us! 

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