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Interior Design: The Best Style for Your Airbnb

2022 Interior Design Trends for Your Airbnb

With the new year comes new trends in every area of life – including interior design. Below are the predictions for this coming year and what potential guests will be on the lookout for.  

Consider a renovation in one of these styles to increase returns and ensure your Airbnb is fully booked in 2022. 


Cottagecore is when the romanticisation of rural life meets interior design. It’s a cosy aesthetic with vintage and floral design elements. So, think teapots, vintage chandeliers, and claw-foot tubs.  

But it’s not just a design style, it’s a lifestyle. Cottagecore is all about the simplicity and comfort that comes with rural living. When designing your space, think about the furnishings you’ll need for self-reliance and ease.  

Cottagecore homes have plenty of natural light, plants, rustic wooden furniture, vintage décor and clutter. Nothing says comfortable living quite like foraging baskets, ingredient jars, dried herbs and stacks of books strewn about the space. 

Cottagecore is listed in over 110,000 rental descriptions on Airbnb. 


Sustainable interior design is all about reducing the negative impact a home has on the environment. It encourages people to strive to have a positive impact on the environment and to seek a sense of connection to the planet. 

By being aware of who made your home and the contents within you’ll be mindful of the goods in the supply chain, where they come from and the impact they truly have on society, the economy and the environment.  

Sustainable homes are designed with mindfulness, awareness and low negative impact. Sustainable listings on Airbnb are currently growing 15% faster than other listings.  

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Botanical design is an eclectic and dreamy aesthetic that emphasises the use of indoor plants. The idea is to give a sense of bringing the outdoors inside with the use of both plants and plant-like features.   

Botanical homes will have elements like exposed wood, green or living walls, tropical wallpaper and plant print fabrics. The use of botanical descriptions appears in almost 45,000 on Airbnb. 

Eclectic Nostalgic 

Eclectic nostalgic design is a décor style that combines a mixture of time periods, styles, trends, textures and colours. Homes in this style feature an abundance of objects and shapes in different styles, creating a beautifully eclectic atmosphere.   

When designing your own space in this style make sure to have a unifying theme, such as the 70s, to avoid the mistake of designing a space that is simply chaotic. 

Over 50,000 listings on Airbnb feature words related to this design style. 


Maximalism is a playful style of interior design where more is more. It uses bold gestures with layers of texture and patterns, bright colours and plenty of accessories and art.   

A maximalist home doesn’t have one clear look, it’s all about going big and bold with your interior and ensuring no space in the room is left untouched. However, make sure your design is cohesive so it doesn’t overwhelm. To provide relief to the colours and patterns try hard wood or marble finishes.  

Over 35,000 listings include maximalism keywords on Airbnb 

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Grandmillennial is a style of modern-day design combined with retro elements. It focuses on making vintage pieces and reclaimed furniture look like they belong in a modern interior.  

Homes in this style feature patterns, inherited pieces and second-hand furniture in a modern setting. It is seen as a rebellion against the popular minimalist style of interior design.   

Over 14,000 listings include grandmillennial descriptions on Airbnb. 


Gothic interior design is a design movement that has resurfaced over the years in several forms. It features dramatic architectural features like pointed arches, fireplaces, stained glass, and wooden ceiling beams paired with rich dark colours and textures.  

Homes in this style often have stone or dark hardwood floors, deep toned rugs and dramatically painted walls. To decorate the space think elaborately carved furniture, candles and wrought iron pieces.   

19,000 listings on Airbnb feature gothic terminology in their descriptions. 

Seasonal Décor 

The holidays are a prime time for holiday bookings, and with this comes seasonal decorations in your rental.  

To decorate your space for the holiday season there are several elements you can add to your existing interior from twinkly lights to wrapped gifts under the tree. 

For an elegant look consider wooden or naturally coloured decorations, or for a more personal touch consider making your own decorations.  

Almost 90,000 listings use seasonal descriptions, such as Christmas, on Airbnb. 

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