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Top Tips: How to Promote Your Airbnb

Effective Strategies for Promoting Your Airbnb

Once you’ve listed your Airbnb property, the next key step is promotion. If you set up shop and then do nothing, you might be missing out on visitors who would snap up a stay at your property in an instant!  

Promoting your Airbnb on social media can alert potential customers to your property and even get you featured on compilation pages, bringing a lot of web traffic to your listing. 

This guide will provide you with tips on how to promote your Airbnb, and before you know it, you’ll have visitors in no time! 

Using Social Media 

Social media is the perfect way for you to promote your Airbnb, as these sites experience non-stop traffic every second of every day. There are countless different social media sites to choose from, but these three are a good place to start: 


With an estimated 1.41 billion users, Instagram is the ideal social media site for you to share photos of your Airbnb to potential guests. You never know how impactful photography of home and lifestyle can be – the right photo could lead to someone knocking on your door. 

As with any other social media website, you’ll be needing the right hashtags to get things going. Be sure to use “#airbnb”, as Airbnb’s own official Instagram often shares their favourite posts. 

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Facebook has an estimated 2.91 billion users every month, and as with all social networking platforms, those numbers show no signs of decreasing. 

Facebook has a whole plethora of ways for you to customise your content, so make sure you create a separate page – not a profile – for your specific rental to make it stand out. Just as with Instagram, make sure you add high quality photos and even videos to showcase what your rental has to offer. Think – what does your place have that other Airbnb’s don’t? 

A Facebook business page offers a section that displays reviews from visitors, an extremely helpful feature as customers trust reviews as much as reccomendations from friends. Using Facebook for businesss also gives you the chance to place paid ads. 

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Created in 2016, TikTok has approximately 1 billion users and is currently one of the most-used apps. Consisting of short videos (with their length varying anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds), you can share everything that your rental has to offer in a small span of time.  

TikTok curates its videos to the interests of its users, which is the ideal chance for you to promote yourself to an audience who are considerably persuadable. 

Emphasise Your Location 

When promoting your Airbnb, a key thing to emphasise is its location. What’s nearby – a great park? A particular tourist attraction? A famous landmark? How long is the walking distance to reach them? You should highlight these features to attract potential guests who might be on the fence. 

Also consider other attractive features of your rental’s location… is your rental in peaceful countryside? Just far enough outside a busy town or city to get a great night’s sleep? Draw on the bright side of your rental’s location to paint a great picture of a stay at your property.  

Promote with Help From Local Businesses 

Sometimes, promoting your property online isn’t the be-all and end-all. There’s nothing wrong with the old-fashioned referral by word of mouth; if anything, the recommendation carries more weight than a review on the internet.  

Say, for example, there’s a popular local café or corner shop near your property. While you can recommend them to your guests, you can also request that the owners of the establishment recommend your services in return. If they have countless visitors day-in and day-out, and they help promote you, you may find yourself receiving many requests for guests to stay at your Airbnb! 

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This was just a small handful of ways for you to promote your Airbnb rental. If you’d like more advice on boosting bookings, contact us at Keey today. 

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