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Why Great Wi-Fi in Your Short-term Rental is Essential

The Importance of High-Quality Wi-Fi

When we go on holiday, we all have expectations. If those expectations aren’t reached, then disappointment shortly follows. Guests who stay at your short-term rental will have a clear sense of what they wish to see and have during their stay. 

As a host, you’ll be offering the essentials and more to your guests. While essentials of course mean things like a clean environment, comfy beds, as well as the right equipment and utensils in the kitchen, there’s one thing that can go a long way if you provide it: great Wi-Fi. 

Everyone offers it nowadays: cafes, restaurants, hotels, places of education and even trains will offer Wi-Fi for free. After all, we live in a world that is connected digitally, so internet access for your guests is now an essential. 

Here are some reasons why getting great quality Wi-Fi in your short-term rental is worth the investment: 


In addition to drawing in more visitors in search of a steady internet connection, offering WiFi allows you the option of adding it as an extra charge. 

When your guests are paying for their stay at your rental, you should specify the expected costs of using Wi-Fi in adjunction to your nightly rate. As your guests enjoy the bargain you created for them, you’ll happily take in any extra costs from their stay. It’s basically a win-win situation! 

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Whether you’re a large or small business, the biggest hurdle you’ll come across is competition. 

When guests are looking for a place to stay, they’ll be keeping a close eye on the amenities you have to offer and will be making comparisons. It’s a great idea to emphasise what sets you apart from the competition. Listing Wi-Fi access and fast internet speeds could be the deciding factor between you and a similar nearby rental.  

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TV Access Without an Aerial 

Wi-Fi also provides the advantage that you won’t necessarily need to set up an aerial with the TV

Some TVs – most notably smart TVs – don’t need an aerial at all. You don’t even need to subscribe to a provider. All they need is a stable internet connection, and all TV programmes and films are at your disposal. In fact, smart TVs also allow you to browse the web, just like on any small portable devices you and your guests may possess. 

Even if the TV stops working or experiences a fault during the guests’ stay, that doesn’t mean they can’t continue watching a film or an episode of a TV series on a device they own. Granted, you will obviously want to provide a TV as well, but this is an additional backup and benefit of having Wi-Fi at your rental as you go about fixing the issue. 

More Than Just Holiday Renters 

Normally, when it comes to allowing others to use your rental, you immediately think of people who want to go away on holiday. While there’s no denying that you’ll most certainly be earning quite a bit of money during such a time, that shouldn’t stop you from having guests rent your property throughout the year. 

Not only can you expect business from off-season holiday-goers, but some people may need to rent your property for business purposes. Instead of them looking for a hotel to book, they might look for an Airbnb they can reside at for as long as they need.

They’ll most certainly be interested in staying at your rental if you specify you have free Wi-Fi on offer, as their job may require a constant line of digital communication no matter where they are. 

This was just a small number of reasons why great Wi-Fi is essential in your short-term rental. If you’d like more advice on this topic, or perhaps another one altogether, don’t be afraid to contact us today at Keey. 

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