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Three Hospitality Tips to Make Your Property Memorable

Creating a Memorable Home-Away-From-Home Experience

For many people, staying away from home is a luxury, whether it is for business or pleasure. Unlike a hotel, in which cleanliness and premier service takes precedence, guests often choose a home rental for a more authentic experience in their destination of choice.  

How can you make your property not just a place to sleep, but a personalised, home-away-from-home experience for your guests? Here are three tips to help make your home more memorable! 

Three Hospitality Tips to Make Your Property Memorable
Turn your property into a memorable experience for guests!

Add Quirky Touches 

Your property’s interior design should showcase it as an exciting place that offers insight into the surrounding area.  

Many of your tenants may be travelling from abroad and want to immerse themselves in the local culture. Try to think of ways you can decorate your property to reflect the country or city you are in.  

From local food and delicacies to relevant pieces of art or books, be sure to include items you wouldn’t find in a hotel room that offers a more personal feel to the property. 

Try creating a mood board to figure out what style you want your property to have. This will help you create a quirky but consistent feel around the whole house. Don’t be afraid to get creative! People usually stay at home rentals instead of hotels for their uniqueness.

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Relaxation and Comfort  

Beyond having a more personal approach to interior design that shows off local culture, your rental property also offers more space than a hotel room. Make the most of that extra space when considering its design.  

Utilise the kitchen diner, offer large, comfy pieces of furniture and make sure you provide all the amenities your guests will need. You can also think about making the property family-friendly. Consider including games consoles or highlighting local amenities that would appeal to both parents and kids.  

Include a family room or even an office for those who are working away from home. You want to create a space that combines comfort and luxury, so your guests feel at home whilst still experiencing something special. 

You can also leave complimentary gifts for your tenants to make them feel welcome. Small things like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine will go a long way. It makes the tenants feel like they are in a safe place, allowing them to relax quickly and feel comfortable.  

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Personalised Recommendations  

You can help your guests settle in by offering tailor-made suggestions for things to see and do around the neighbourhood. Your tenants will trust recommendations from a personable landlord more than that of a normal tour guide, as you can route out the best hidden gems that tourists may not be aware of.  

neighborhood map
Share the secret hotspots with your guests!

Leave a list of nearby restaurants, bars, museums or places of interest you think visitors should check out. Your guests may not have a 24-hour concierge, but demonstrating that they do have a very knowledgeable host will always work in your favour. 

If you know the area well, you will likely know some spots that aren’t in the tourist brochures. Your guests will appreciate a more authentic experience and will be more likely to leave positive reviews.  

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In conclusion

Through personalised interior décor that reflects the surrounding culture, exploiting the extra space of your property to make your guests feel comfortable, and researching and suggesting the perfect local amenities to delight your guests, you can make their stay memorable and ensure your business grows through their glowing reviews.  

If you want to bring your home to life and redefine the guest experience by renting out your property, we at Keey can help.  

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