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How Lighting Can Make Your Airbnb Better

Enhancing Your Airbnb with Proper Lighting

As an Airbnb host, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of good lighting and how it can transform a space. It’s also a great method of enhancing the overall appearance of your Airbnb without making any permanent changes!   

Whether your lighting setup is in dire need of an update or not, these simple tips will help you to improve the style and appearance of your rental property. 

person looking at a lamp
Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to a space! 

Best Suited Lighting for Certain Rooms 

Great lighting can create an atmosphere and set the mood of a room. The key to effective lighting is understanding each room and installing the appropriate lighting to optimise the space. Each space requires a different style and amount of light, so it’s important to know which lighting style should be used for each room.

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Functional Lighting  

An often-overlooked aspect of lighting a property is ensuring adequate light for functional areas, for example, kitchen islands and bathrooms. Adding spotlights to these areas will keep them well-lit for when it’s important to be able to see clearly.  

Reflective Surfaces 

A great way of enhancing your existing lighting setup is by introducing reflective elements to each room. For example, in smaller rooms, you could paint the walls white to reflect the natural light that comes in or introduce mirrors around your rental to give the sense of more space.  

Lighting the Corners 

Another important element of good lighting is ambient lighting. You don’t want all the corners of your Airbnb to be dark as this isn’t good for the atmosphere. Try adding standing lamps or wall lighting to improve the overall feel of the space.  

Natural Light

Natural light is key to making your rental feel spacious and fresh. Make sure you have windows in every room, particularly in lounge areas that are more communal. This will create an inviting space for your guests, and will help them to feel relaxed.

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natural lighting
Without sufficient lighting, the space of a room will feel small and cramped. 

Things to Consider with Certain Light Fixtures

  • Bedside Table Lamps: Remember to measure where the base of the shade meets eye level when you are sitting or lying on the bed. This will help you choose the right height of lamp that won’t shine directly into your guest’s eyes when they’re relaxing.  
  • Reading Lamps: Think about how dark of a space your reading area is and how bright the lamp will need to be to illuminate it. Light shades can diffuse light and affect the brilliance of the bulb.  
  • Side Table Lamps: Lights arranged on a side table in the living room are usually brighter than the ones you’d place in the bedroom. 
  • Desk Lamps: Work area lights are very important as appropriate lighting in workspaces can affect your efficiency. Place lights in the best spot to eliminate shadows and choose lights that are manoeuvrable, so your guests can move the light if they need to. 
  • Dim Lights: Don’t forget to install dimmers on overhead lights, as these allow guests to create their atmosphere in a room. A bonus to dimmer switches is they also help you save on energy consumption. 

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There’s no better way to welcome your guests but with appealing, contemporary and modern lighting. Well-picked lighting can brighten a whole room and have a positive impact on the mood of your guests. 

For further advice on how to decorate your Airbnb, contact our experts at Keey today! 

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