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How to Improve Your Airbnb By Being Tech-Savvy

Becoming a Tech-Savvy Airbnb Host

Your Airbnb business relies on a lot of leadership skills: responsibility, communication, and landlord understanding. Skills that you develop along the way may seem crucial, but in this modern digital age, it’s particularly important to develop your tech-savviness. 

This allows you to market better, communicate better, reflect better and provide better comfort to your tenants. 

Even though becoming tech-savvy may not be people’s first choice when developing skills for managing an Airbnb, this article will help you hone this skill and show you it’s importance.


woman working on a laptop
Tech-savviness doesn’t mean programming robots, it means being proficient in modern technology!


What is Tech-Savviness? 

Tech-savviness means that you show a great understanding of modern technology; computers, phones, routers, or even just TVs. Tech-savviness lies inside the minds of a lot of children of the 21st century due to their exposure to technology. This means they may know more about modern tech than you. But don’t worry, you can teach yourself to be more knowledgeable. 

How to Become Tech-Savvy 

A simple solution to a seemingly complex skill; practice makes perfect. You can practice using a computer and do simple things like writing, searching, or making fake adverts. This will improve your skills slowly, helping you to master the device you are using. It can also help to be creatively involved in your project, as this will make you more passionate about learning. There are also videos online that will help you develop these skills.  

How Does it Help With Marketing? 

Tech-savviness improves your marketing ability by being able to create content yourself and see online other examples. These examples can influence your marketing because you can see how they are attracting people and what techniques they are using which you can apply to your own.  

Programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop help significantly with marketing.   

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How Does it Help with Communication? 

Your tenant-landlord communication will be hugely improved by being more tech-savvy. By utilising mobile phones, and tablets you can communicate with your tenants easier, especially if you have more than one Airbnb.  

This communication is important to tenants it lets them know you are always there on the other side of the phone if needs be. 

It also helps with sending e-mails, and messages to future potential tenants, and Airbnb itself. By opening this circle of communication, you may run into Airbnb forums to be able to socialise with other Airbnb Hosts.  

Forums are important to share ideas on what is best, and what isn’t for an Airbnb which will improve yourself overall.  

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A group of people holding signs
Having the ability to communicate with tenants will make things so much easier! 

How Does it Help with Self-Reflection? 

It allows you, as a host, to reflect on yourself by implementing the advice you have been given on forums. It also allows you to read the ratings on your Airbnb to see what you can improve. With technology being so widely utilised now you can even make a pros and cons table for your Airbnb using the reviews.  

This will improve your Airbnb, and yourself as a host which will make you more knowledgeable and fantastic in this department.  

Don’t take the criticisms to heart, if you have 99 positive reviews and one negative, it just shows you aren’t 100% perfect. Use this opportunity to improve yourself and make your Airbnb the best it could ever be. 

location signs and the world shape
There are countless people out there with advice that will improve your Airbnb! 

How Does it Help with Comforting your Tenants? 

A less-known positive; it can help to comfort your tenants. If you are tech-savvy and understand the ins and outs of the technological side of the modern era, then you can adhere to your tenant’s needs easier.  

Wi-Fi, TV, and security cameras will be easier to understand for you, and you can demonstrate to tenants to navigate them within it. Making sure the Wi-Fi is perfect, and easily accessible to your tenants is key to their happiness. The TV should also be demonstrated how to use the parental controls in case children may be stopping over. Lastly, security cameras outside can show the tenants that they are safe within the house.   

Security cameras usually use an app to view, but they can also be connected to a TV so being tech-savvy will allow you to understand how to utilise it to its full potential. 

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Tech-savviness is such a huge and impactful skill to have in this world and it will only get more complicated. So, it is best to catch up and learn these skills yourself to not fall behind on technology, which may cause you to lose out on potential tenants, and opportunities that may arise.  

It can be difficult to get a grasp at first but once you have learnt it, you may never forget it. It’s a passive skill that will always be embedded within you.  

If you need any further help with anything Airbnb related then feel free to contact us here today at Keey! 

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