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How to Make Your Airbnb Suitable for All Ages

Creating a Unique Airbnb Experience for Every Generation

Your Airbnb tenants will often just be looking for a place to sleep whilst they travel – but you still want to provide high quality and aesthetic experiences for them. You should aim to make it special for everyone regardless of who comes through the door. 

You want to be proud of what you have created. 

This guide will help you figure out how to make your Airbnb suitable and unique for every generation of occupants that may come.  

three houses in a row
Your Airbnb should be given as much effort as your real home! 

What Makes an Airbnb Unique? 

Airbnb’s come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from apartment buildings to cottages in the countryside. Whatever your Airbnb may be, it needs to be unique and be aesthetically pleasing for your occupants.  

An Airbnb can be unique due to the decorations, themes, and colours it portrays.  

Setting up your Airbnb to portray local surroundings, local urban legends or just a general theme to accompany the Airbnb will not only intrigue but improve the occupant’s morale of the location. 

It could also bring repeat occupants and allow more word-of-mouth recommendations that will bring more upon more occupants to seek out your Airbnb to experience it.  

There is also the option of creating a theme that reflects national holidays. This could include subtle décor that changes depending on the holiday. You might decorate for: 

  • Halloween 
  • St. Patricks Day 
  • Christmas 
  • Thanksgiving 

This would be very fitting for Halloween for example, by adapting the space to the holiday – even having the option to turn an actual haunted house into an Airbnb by giving the occupants the ability to “search for ghosts” using equipment. Placing haunted items will also make this a unique experience for occupants. 

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Sticking to a Theme 

Sticking to an interesting theme is the key to making your Airbnb stand out. Not every theme is suited to every rental home; find something unique that utilises the space well and grabs attention. 

The key thing to change is the interior, which could be the wallpaper, tables, seats, beds, or lamps. You can buy these items from anywhere; Amazon is probably your best bet for budget décor. However, if you want more strange, unique, interesting items then an antique or charity shop is for you.  

The colours you use also reflect different moods – different colours have different psychological effects on the brain. Most Airbnb’s use white or grey as it is a neutral colour that makes everything stand out.  

Don’t use themes that are too provocative – you don’t want to offend anyone.  

woman choosing colors for decorating
Building a good theme takes time, it will be worth it in the end! 

Local Venues 

It’s not just about interior decoration, but it also matters what kind of venues surround your Airbnb. Whether or not it is suitable for children, teens, or adults will affect the interest and popularity of your Airbnb.  

An Airbnb that lacks venues for children may have less popularity with families who want to stay, whereas an Airbnb that lacks adult venues will most likely be very unpopular among adults. Before actually buying a property, it is best to know what the best location is for one. 

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As said previously, you can also set up themes regarding the location of your Airbnb – befitting local legends, historical moments or just general information about it. It’s kind of like turning it into a museum of sorts that you can sleep in.  

There could also be hidden gems or landmarks that can be unique and attractive to people. These sorts of things can be found on sites like TripAdvisor, which lists lots of unique attractions for different locations. 


There is always the worry that maybe your Airbnb isn’t good enough. You don’t need to worry at all. If you have put in the effort and tried your best then your Airbnb will be perfect.  

No matter the theme, decoration or local venues; your Airbnb may still be unsuitable for all ages so place items that are relevant to those age brackets. This could include games consoles, knitting needles or toys like Lego. This can give your occupants something to do on a rainy day. 

Don’t forget to make sure you have a TV with the relevant video streaming services to allow your occupants to have something to do on their off time. Recreational activities are a must-have for Airbnb’s because they allow your brain to be occupied.  

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woman and man using their smart devices
Recreational activities will give your guests more happiness!



Your Airbnb after extensive thinking would provide so much to your occupants. It will surely become an intriguing and unique place to stay. It should become suitable for all ages, and this will provide a lot more interest and popularity towards the Airbnb market as a whole and your place.  

There are many more positives that lay within the use of themes and decorations. These are only a minute few; to find out more about Airbnb’s then feel free to contact Keey today! 

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