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How to Make Your Airbnb Feel Like Home

Creating a Home Away from Home

Most Airbnb guests, no matter where they come from, desire a feeling of homeliness when they are away for a while. It can be daunting for some people to be away for a long time in a foreign environment, and homesickness often kicks in.  

It can be bad for business to have people cut trips short because of this. Not only that, but mental health is important to a healthy lifestyle. 

This article will help propel your Airbnb to be transformed into a home away from home.  


Before we get into the basics of crafting the perfect home for your Airbnb guests, we must understand what homesickness is, and how we can reduce it. 

Homesickness is generally the distress that is caused by being away from home for a long time. For example,  When you are in an unknown environment, you can find yourself missing the luxurious comforts of your home. Whether it’s the view from your window, or the people and pets you live with, being apart from them can make you feel anxious. 

Homesickness varies for everyone. Some people don’t get homesick at all, but others can become so homesick that they would cancel a holiday because of it.  

Of course, we can’t replicate everything in a guest’s home to make it feel exactly like their house. But we can create a homely feel to give them a sense of familiarity whilst settling into new experiences. 

woman like the sky at night
It’s easy to feel homesick when you’re in a new environment


Your Airbnb should have a definitive personality by using decorative pieces and colour palettes for walls, curtains, bedding and other accessories. You can experiment with colour schemes using Pinterest.  

Having a well-defined personality for your property can balance the feeling of homeliness and new experiences for any upcoming guests.  

Colour schemes can be tweaked and changed to suit whatever your property, but make sure to keep it refined. Less is often more, so use neutral colours and textiles that match. 

Patterns can also be used if it looks aesthetically pleasing to not just you, but to anyone who is helping you with decorating. 

Most guests wouldn’t have crazy colours attached to their homes – some may, but not all. So, appealing to most guests will maximise the capability of making this a comfortable home for more people.  

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woman decorating a wall
It can be difficult to achieve a perfect colour palette but once done it will look great! 

Decorative Items 

It’s not a lie that decoration can transform an entire place around, so choosing items for decoration is important to achieve a homely feeling.  

Shopping local can produce some decorative items that are unique and bring light to your Airbnb. You may get locally produced art or charity shop style pieces. This also promotes a sense of locality for your Airbnb, and at the same time keeps things interesting for your guests.  

It is also recommended to get some sort of entertainment value attached to the Airbnb itself. This could include a TV, games console, board games or even books. By having these options, your guest can feel comfortable and relaxed when staying in your rental.

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lights and decorative objects
Finding the right decoration is key to a homely feeling. 

Extra Help

It is always recommended to gain insight into your Airbnb’s decorative plans by introducing a friend, or family member to give an unbiased opinion on colour schemes, and decorations. A lot of people have different tastes when it comes to interior decorating, so together you can build your Airbnb up to a high standard. 

This insight can also be used by yourself if you can imagine yourself as being a guest in your own Airbnb. This, however, can be harder to do sometimes as everyone has their own opinions, tastes and sense of style.  

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group of people decorating together
Different insights can help you to style your Airbnb. 


To conclude, your Airbnb is important to you and your guests. You don’t want them to feel uneasy, uncomfortable or unable to relax. It is not a very good feeling to know your Airbnb, or home has made somebody feel that way.  

By taking into consideration the tips and tricks above, you may be many steps closer to crafting a homely aesthetic for your guests. 

Check out the rest of Keey to gain more knowledge related to all things Airbnb, or perhaps, contact us today!   

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