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How to Stand Out: 5 Rental Listing Best Practices

Presenting Your Rental Property

When getting ready to showcase a rental property, the way you present it can make all the difference. The insights from the Keey team are designed to assist you in highlighting your rental in the most favorable manner.

house entrance door

1. Creating a Lasting First Impression

Envision a potential tenant arriving to inspect your property. What captures their attention immediately as they approach or enter the premises? Is it the inviting aroma from a diffuser or a malfunctioning doorbell that greets them? The initial impression can significantly influence their overall perception, so it’s crucial to ensure it’s positive.

2. Highlighting the Unique Selling Points

Every property has standout features, be it a charming balcony perfect for morning coffees, distinctive historical architecture, or generous storage space. It’s essential to emphasize these unique aspects. Inform both the Photographer and the Negotiator about these highlights so they can accentuate them in their promotional efforts. And don’t forget to mention these features prominently in the property advertisement.

3. Interior Décor and Ambient Lighting

Aim for a minimalist yet appealing look that allows potential renters to visualize their belongings and personal touch. Opt for neutral color palettes and ensure the space is free from clutter. However, it’s essential to:

  1. Present the property in a contemporary and attractive manner.
  2. Illustrate the potential of the space, such as placing a cozy dining set in the garden, hinting at delightful outdoor brunch possibilities. For more insights, check out our article on enhancing property value through strategic interior design.

4. Staging the Property

Notice an unused space? Utilize it to enhance the property’s appeal. For instance, arranging a desk can appeal to those who work from home. As the Keey Team has observed, “This strategy has proven effective, especially for our corporate clientele who often have more substantial budgets. Even if companies prefer in-office work, they seek rentals that offer a dedicated space for occasional remote work.” Remember, staging isn’t just about utilizing extra space; it’s also about drawing attention to standout features, like placing a decorative fruit bowl on a beautiful kitchen island or draping a plush throw beside an elegant fireplace.

5. The Power of Quality Photography

A Wall Street Journal article highlighted that property listings with professional photographs garnered approximately 61% more interest. High-quality images can be the deciding factor in getting potential tenants to visit. We recommend investing in a professional photographer. If you’ve engaged Keey for your rental needs, you’ll benefit from the expertise of the Keey Photography Team. Ensure you communicate the property’s highlights to the photographers and request that these features be emphasized in the advertisement. It can be disappointing for potential tenants to find a stunning balcony image buried deep in the listing, especially when preceding images showcase less appealing spaces. Also, prioritize capturing an attractive exterior shot, but remember to tidy up any unsightly items beforehand. For additional guidance, the Keey Photography Team offers more tips on capturing compelling property images to attract potential tenants.

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