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The Top 6 Unconventional Spaces You Can Book on Airbnb

Turning Quirky Listings into Profitable Ventures

The childhood memories of playing in that old treehouse might be fading, but have you ever considered the lucrative potential that lies in that wooden haven among the branches? Or perhaps you’re the proud owner of a houseboat that mostly rests idle?

For many, Airbnb is associated with chic urban apartments or picturesque holiday homes. However, you might be surprised to know that your unconventional spaces could also be a source of income. Let’s delve into some of these quirky listings and the reasons behind their popularity.


1. Treehouses:

A treehouse, although it might lack the common comforts of a regular home such as a kitchen or toilet, holds a unique charm for many Airbnb users. The allure of treehouses taps into the wanderlust of those wanting an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience – quite literally, high amongst the trees. Whether it’s the memory of a childhood dream or the pursuit of an unusual retreat, guests are often willing to trade some amenities for this whimsical experience.

Things to Consider: Before you list your treehouse, think of the logistics. How will guests use restrooms? Is there a section of your main house they can use without disturbing your privacy? Also, ensuring your treehouse is waterproof is a must. No traveler, no matter how adventurous, wants to sleep through a drizzle.

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2. Houseboats:

An anchored houseboat can be a unique travel experience. It allows guests to feel the gentle sway of the waters while still enjoying the comforts of a home. From luxury liners to more rustic vessels, there’s a demand for every kind of floating experience.

Things to Consider: Guest safety should always be paramount. It’s vital to ensure that the boat adheres to all safety standards and protocols. If guests are allowed to explore the waters, always give a thorough walkthrough of the operations and safety measures.

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3. Open Spaces:

With the rise of the camping trend, your vast, picturesque lands could be the next big thing on Airbnb. From ocean-view hills to serene forests, these spaces offer a return to nature and often don’t even require a permanent structure.

Things to Consider: Evaluate the accessibility of your land, especially during adverse weather conditions. Mention phone signal availability and provide amenities like insect repellent or a campfire setup.

4. Barns and Vintage Caravans:

Old structures, like barns or vintage caravans, often ooze charm and character. With some renovation, these can become highly sought-after Airbnb listings, offering guests a taste of history and nostalgia.

Things to Consider: Honesty is key. Clearly mention the amenities available and any potential drawbacks, like the lack of running water or electricity, to ensure guest satisfaction.

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5. Tents and Tepees:

With the rising popularity of glamping, tents ranging from basic setups to luxurious yurts have seen a surge in demand on Airbnb. They offer a unique blend of nature and comfort.

Things to Consider: The location is crucial. A tent in a crowded suburban area might not be as appealing as one in a secluded forest. Always be transparent about what you’re offering and consider providing basic amenities.

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Promoting Your Unique Airbnb Space:

Marketing these unconventional spaces requires a delicate balance. It’s essential to captivate potential guests with the uniqueness of your space without overpromising. Determining the right price point is also key.

The Keey team boasts extensive experience in assisting hosts to curate and market such spaces effectively. If you need guidance in transforming your space into an enticing Airbnb listing, reach out to us for insights and support.

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