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6 Ways to Optimize Your Airbnb Check-In Experience

A Guide to Greeting Your First Airbnb Guests

Your home is spotless and ready. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It’s time for your first Airbnb guest. What should you do next? While you’ve already prepared the house (things like putting away valuables and having enough toilet paper), how should you greet them? Let’s go through a simple guide on welcoming your guests.

welcome sign on the door

1. Warm Welcome

Even if you’ve had a tough day, greet your guests with a big smile. They might be tired from their journey, so a friendly face will mean a lot.
How about offering them a cup of tea or a cold drink? Some hosts also prepare little welcome gifts, like snacks or local handmade items. It’s a great way to make them feel special right from the start.

2. House Tour

Show them around, especially if they’ve rented more than just a room. Point out shared spaces like the bathroom and kitchen and give them a little tutorial, like where they can put their food in the fridge.
Show them how to lock the doors and use any alarms. If there’s a fireplace or heater, make sure they know how to use it safely. Don’t forget outdoor spaces like gardens or patios. If they have kids, show them any kid-friendly stuff you have.

3. House Rules Chat

Having clear house rules is super important. This includes things like if they can have guests over, how to dispose of trash, and what behaviors are okay or not. Go over these rules when they arrive. If they don’t speak English well, try to explain them clearly and simply.

4. Local Tips

Besides the house stuff, share some cool info about the area. Tell them about your favorite cafe or where they can grab a tasty meal. If they have kids, let them know where the closest park is. Giving them local tips helps them feel more at home and can lead to better reviews for you!

5. Clarify Check-Out

Now’s a good time to remind them when they should check out. Let them know what they should do with the key if you’re not around when they leave.

6. Stay in Touch

Even if you sent them your contact info before, remind them. Tell them the best way to reach you, especially if there’s an emergency. Some hosts leave this info on a note on the fridge or by the front door.

Making Check-Ins Easy

Making your guests feel at home is key to being a great host. If you’re hosting often and find it a bit much, remember, there are services like Keey that can help. If you want some assistance to make hosting even better, just let us know!

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