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Airbnb Luggage Solutions: 4 Top Tips for Hosts

Enhancing Guest Experience

Every Airbnb host eventually hears the same question from their guests: “Where can I store my bags?” or “Can I leave my stuff with you before or after check-in?”

Guests dread dragging their luggage around, as it can mar the beginning or end of their journey. However, as a host, you have a golden chance to elevate their experience. By offering a solution to this common problem, you not only delight your guests but also increase your chances of getting positive reviews.

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So, how can you assist your guests with their luggage issues? Here are four practical solutions:

1. Station Lockers:

Many city train stations offer lockers for bag storage. While some are cost-effective, others can be pricier – for instance, London stations charge £12.50 for 24 hours! Be warned; there might be queues, especially during weekends or holidays.

2. Sharing Economy Solutions:

In places like Europe, emerging services can aid with luggage storage. For example, in the UK, CityStasher connects travelers with local businesses for affordable storage. Similarly, in Spain, Keepiz offers such services. Before recommending, always check their reviews. The perk? These businesses often have multiple locations in cities, possibly near your Airbnb. Plus, they might provide discounts for regular users.

3. Free Options:

Some venues like museums or shopping centers might allow temporary bag storage either for free or a small fee. However, these are typically short-term solutions, so it’s essential to confirm with the venues.

4. On-site Storage:

If other options fail, consider storing the luggage in your Airbnb. If you’re flexible, this might be hassle-free. Alternatively, dedicate a specific area like a garage or spare room for this purpose. If guests need to retrieve their items when you’re not around, consider key-drop services, ensuring a secure key return.

Remember, a guest burdened with luggage might not enjoy their stay as much. But, by organizing convenient and cost-effective solutions in advance, you ensure they have a memorable trip.

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