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How Does Airbnb Insurance Protect Its Hosts?

Understanding and Maximizing Property Protection

When you’re welcoming guests from around the world to your home through Airbnb, ensuring your property is protected is paramount. Airbnb understands this and provides specific insurance coverage to hosts. Let’s delve deeper to understand what these protections entail.

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Airbnb’s Core Insurance Offerings

Airbnb offers two primary protection programs to its hosts:

  1. Host Damage Protection: This cover assists if guests damage property within your listings. It can help repair or replace your belongings up to a certain limit.
  2. Host Liability Protection: This is vital if a guest or a third party gets hurt at your place and decides to take legal action. The protection would cover claims made against you.

While these Airbnb covers are valuable, it’s worth noting that your existing home or landlord insurance might also provide coverage for certain guest-related damages. However, such policies might be valid only if you host guests occasionally. The definition of “occasional hosting” could vary based on your insurance provider.

Decoding the Damage Protection

If you experience property damage due to a guest:

  1. Contact the guest within 14 days of their checkout.
  2. If the guest doesn’t agree to compensate, notify Airbnb.
  3. Provide Airbnb with evidence of the damage, such as photographs and possibly receipts.
  4. Aim to finalise the claim process within 30 days of the incident.

If your claim is approved, Airbnb compensates based on the item’s current value. However, some exceptions apply. Damages from natural events or to luxury items might not be covered.

Understanding Liability Insurance

Liability protection focuses on personal injuries rather than property damage. If someone sustains an injury at your property and believes you’re responsible, this insurance will be your safeguard against potential legal claims. However, it doesn’t address property damages – that’s where the damage protection comes in.

Your Personal Insurance’s Role

Most hosts already have personal home or landlord insurance. Such policies might offer provisions for occasional guest damages. If you frequently rent out your property or earn a significant amount from Airbnb, you might want to confirm if your personal insurance still covers guest-related damages. It’s advisable to discuss specifics with your insurance provider.


Being an Airbnb host comes with its unique set of challenges, and understanding your insurance coverage is crucial. While Airbnb provides foundational protections, never underestimate the value of your personal insurance policy. Being well-informed ensures a smoother hosting experience.

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