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Managing an AirBnb Remotely: 5 Essential Tips

Managing Your Airbnb Property from Anywhere

In recent years, working from anywhere has become a big thing, and even companies like Airbnb are getting on board. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, Airbnb now lets its employees and hosts work and handle their properties from anywhere they want. If you’re interested in managing your Airbnb remotely, this blog has you covered. We’re sharing tips on how to do it, and we know a thing or two as we’re one of the top Airbnb management companies in the UK.

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1. Build a Reliable Team

To make sure your Airbnb is in good shape, especially when you can’t be there in person, you’ll need a reliable team. This team helps with tasks like cleaning, fixing things, and making guests feel comfy. Since you can’t always be there, it’s essential to have them ready to help.

Here’s who you should think about having on your team:

  1. Handyman: This person can fix all sorts of home problems, even if they happen at odd times.
  2. Housekeeper: They keep your place clean after guests leave, making sure everything looks great.
  3. Electrician/HVAC Specialist: These experts handle heating and cooling issues so your guests are always comfortable.

Make sure you can talk to your team whenever you need to, day or night. It’s crucial for them to reach you 24/7 in case they have questions about your place. Being available helps provide the best Airbnb experience.

Also, tell your team what you expect from them and how they can make guests happy. This is why many owners like using Airbnb management companies like Keey.

2. Ensure Safety

You want your guests to feel safe at your place, so they leave good reviews. Making sure it’s secure is super important for a great guest experience. Here’s what you can do:

  • Bright Lights: Good lighting keeps bad stuff away. Make sure your place is well-lit, and check outdoor lights to make sure they work.
  • Security Cameras: Think about adding cameras to your property, like at the front and back doors, hallways, and anywhere else needed. But, be sure to tell Airbnb and respect people’s privacy.
  • Clear Entry: Make sure there’s nothing blocking the way to your place that could be unsafe. An open path makes guests feel secure since there’s no place for anyone to hide.
  • Emergency Info: Share important numbers, like the local police and fire departments, plus your emergency contact. Put them on a notice board or in an email.
  • Alerts and Sensors: Install these to know if anything unusual happens around your place. For instance, Ring Security Systems help you keep an eye on who’s at your front door.

3. Make Check-in Easy

You can make things super smooth for your guests by having a keyless way to get into your place.

With a keyless entry system, guests can easily come and go. You won’t have to be there when they arrive or leave.

Here are some keyless options for your guests:

  • Lock Boxes: These are like storage boxes for keys. Guests enter a code to get the key. You can hide it or put it on a door or wall. Change the code after each guest leaves.
  • Keypads: No need for a key here. Send your guests a code before they arrive, and they can use it during their stay.
  • Smart Locks: These don’t need keys either. Guests use a mobile app or keypad. You can link them to your Airbnb account, and your guests will get an email with the code to enter your place.

4. Create a Helpful Guest Guide

If you’re running your Airbnb from afar, a detailed guest guide is a must. It’s a great way to make guests happy and keep your place in top shape.

A guest guide is super useful. It helps your guests enjoy their stay without any stress. Here’s what you should include:

  • Local Stuff: Tell them about cool nearby places like attractions, restaurants, and facilities.
  • Getting Around: Share info on transportation options.
  • Check-in and Check-out: Explain how they can arrive and leave smoothly.
  • Using Appliances: Give them guidance on using stuff in your place.
  • House Rules: Let them know what’s okay and not okay.
  • WiFi Info: Share the WiFi code and how to fix any issues.

Put the guest guide in an easy-to-spot spot, like the living room or kitchen table.

You can even make different guest guides depending on what you want to know from your guests or how long they’ll stay. For example, if you want them to leave reviews, include that in the guide.

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5. Partner with Airbnb Pros

When you’re not available all the time or don’t want to chat with a bunch of folks like housekeepers and handymen, consider teaming up with an Airbnb management company.

Unlike having your own team, these pros handle everything without bugging you for every little thing. They greet your guests, tidy up, and keep things running smoothly without hassling you.

They know the Airbnb game for owners inside and out. They’ll make sure your guests leave rave reviews, so more people want to book your place. Plus, they boost your listing’s visibility, helping you earn more.

At Keey, we handle all the guest talks for our hosts. We also give you an account manager to keep your money matters in check, so you can make the most from your property.


Running an Airbnb business from a distance may seem tricky, but it’s doable. Airbnb’s flexibility allows you to work from anywhere.

However, if you want to skip the hassle of hosting, Keey has you covered. We’re experts at running Airbnb businesses remotely. We can help you earn more by increasing your property’s visibility, responding to reviews, adjusting rates, tracking metrics, and more.

So, if you’re looking for more earnings, better control, and a host of other benefits, get in touch with us at Keey. We’re here to help!

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