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How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Airbnb?

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Airbnb

Think of a typical “grandma’s house” with a floral sofa and doilies. If grandma adds a modern table with shiny legs, it would look out of place in her cozy, old-fashioned room.

Your Airbnb’s furniture shows the kind of experience and price level you’re offering. Fancy furniture doesn’t fit in a cheap rental, just like simple IKEA pieces wouldn’t match a fancy place. But, no matter where your furniture comes from, it’s important to make sure it all goes well together. This is what guests are looking for today.

Getting the right look and feel with your furniture can lead to good reviews and more money. Need help starting? Here are our best tips for picking Airbnb furniture.

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How to furnish an Airbnb

To furnish an Airbnb, first decide what kind of experience you want to give your guests. For example, a fancy rental in the Hollywood Hills will need different furniture than a small cabin in the Rocky Mountains. Furnishing your Airbnb might seem easy, but it’s important to really understand your market and how much you’re charging.

The furniture in your Airbnb is key to making your listing stand out. You need furniture that looks good in photos, whether it’s expensive or not. Also, think about how much you charge per night; the more you charge, the more guests expect.

So, how you choose and arrange your furniture is just as important as the furniture itself. You can go for high-end items or more affordable ones. Below, we’ll talk about how to do this well.

Define your property’s style

Decide on a look before you furnish your Airbnb. Guests often prefer clean, minimalist styles like Scandinavian and Modern Farmhouse, but you don’t have to completely redo your space to match these.

Analyze your market and competitors. Consider whether you’re aiming for a high average daily rate (ADR) or a more budget-friendly short-term rental (STR). Think about your Airbnb’s location: is it in a city or in the mountains? Also, consider if there’s a unique local style or furnishing, like porch beds in the South.

These considerations will guide you to the ideal aesthetic for your Airbnb. Remember, guests seek immersive experiences, so choose furniture that reflects both your market and your pricing strategy. If you’re offering a luxury experience, ensure your furniture is luxurious.

Understand furniture function

You’ve chosen a style – that’s great. Now, focus on the function of your short-term rental’s (STR) furniture. Consider how guests will use each piece. For instance, is the living room ottoman meant for storage, or is it just for show?

Choose furniture that enhances your guests’ experience during their stay. A trendy hanging chair might look great on TikTok and attract bookings, but if there’s no comfortable seating, that’s a problem.

This principle applies to practical furniture too. Don’t choose a stylish dining table that seats only four if your STR accommodates eight people.

Most importantly, avoid prioritizing style over substance. While it’s tempting to design an STR that looks good, don’t compromise functionality and comfort for aesthetics.

Airbnb furniture safety

woman testing a mattress

No matter if your furniture is from Pottery Barn or a garage sale, it must be safe. Safety might not be the first thing you think of with furniture, but it’s important. Taking time to secure furniture properly can prevent big problems later.

Secure beds, dressers, and other large furniture to the wall. Put guard rails on all bunk beds. Ensure that electrical outlets are grounded and meet code requirements. Use cordless blinds to reduce choking hazards and provide child-proofing items like baby gates if needed.

Cost-effective furniture

You don’t have to spend a lot to furnish your Airbnb, but what you spend should match your rental’s price range. Fancy furniture like Crate & Barrel might be too expensive for a budget rental, but could be a good choice if you’re charging luxury prices.

Whatever your price range, it’s smart to think about how you use your furniture budget. Better quality furniture costs more but lasts longer. You don’t have to spend a lot on everything, though. It’s a good idea to spend more on important things like beds and couches and save on things that aren’t used as much, like dining chairs.

What furniture does my Airbnb need?

You likely already know that your short-term rental (STR) needs at least one bed and probably a couch. However, the other furniture depends on your specific unit.

You should furnish rental properties to make the most of all available spaces. Furnish every bedroom with beds, provide plenty of comfortable seating in living and dining areas, and even add a cozy chair or two on patios. Typically, this includes:


  • Choose a bed with a headboard.
  • Select a comfortable mattress that’s at least eight inches thick.
  • Provide bedside tables and lamps.
  • Ensure outlets are accessible. Use an extension cord if outlets are behind the bed or hard to reach.
  • Include a dresser.
  • Hang a mirror.
  • Place an area rug.

Living room:

  • Offer enough seating for the number of guests your STR accommodates. This might include:
    • A couch or sectional.
    • A sofabed with a pull-out mattress.
    • A loveseat.
    • Armchairs or recliners.
    • A coffee table or ottoman.
    • Side tables.
  • Set up a TV.
  • Add an area rug.
  • Place table and/or floor lamps.

For other spaces:

Patio furniture:

  • Use a bistro table.
  • Add an outdoor couch or loveseat.
  • Include a side table.
  • Provide an umbrella or shade covering.


  • Have barstools.
  • Consider a kitchen island.
  • Include a kitchen helper for family-friendly STRs.


  • Equip with a desk.
  • Add a desk chair.
  • Provide lighting.
  • Ensure outlets are accessible.

Remember, the furniture you choose should reflect how you price and position your STR. Whether you’re targeting families or couples, luxury or budget travelers, your furniture should match your market.

Where to Buy Furniture for Airbnb

The right place to buy furniture for your Airbnb varies, just as furnishing styles do. If you manage local Airbnbs, shopping in person might suit you best. However, if you manage your STRs remotely, online shopping could be more convenient.

Here are some of our favorite places to shop for Airbnb furniture:


IKEA is more than just Swedish meatballs; it’s a one-stop shop for Airbnb furniture. Here, you can find everything from beds and frames to bedding, living room furniture, and decor for every room. While their furniture is generally budget-friendly, they also offer some high-end looking pieces that are still affordable.


For online shopping, Wayfair is an excellent choice. They offer a wide range of options for every budget and room. Wayfair is especially useful if you need to furnish multiple units across different price tiers or manage your units remotely.

West Elm

West Elm appeals to luxury travelers. If you’re aiming for higher average daily rates (ADRs) or competing with upscale STRs, consider West Elm. Their furniture is not only comfortable but also stands out in photos. However, be mindful that West Elm’s higher prices might impact your profit margins if you’re aiming for a modest ADR.

Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace

For local Airbnb hosts who can dedicate time to furniture hunting, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace are excellent options. You can find high-quality pieces at low prices. However, this approach requires more effort and time to find pieces that match your aesthetic.

American Furniture Warehouse (AFW)

AFW is great for knowing exactly what you’re getting. You can visit an AFW, try out furniture, and then order for your unit’s location. It’s ideal for standardizing your listings and ensuring comfort and quality. However, be aware of potentially long wait times for orders, so check delivery times before purchasing.

Quick Guide to Furnishing Your Airbnb Property

Furnishing a vacation rental home isn’t a quick or easy task. Simply ordering a bunch of mismatched pieces online might hurt your average daily rate (ADR) and revenue. Instead, take time to analyze your market, decide on an aesthetic, and choose furniture that delivers the experience you promise your guests.

You also don’t need to spend too much time furnishing your Airbnb. AirDNA’s improved Rates Tool comes with smart filters that quickly determine your price tier. Whether your short-term rental (STR) is budget, economy, midscale, upscale, or luxury, this tool helps you save time. Then, you can focus on selecting furniture that really makes an impact.

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