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Should You Hire a Short-let Management Company?

Managing Your Short-Term Rental

Deciding to get into short-term renting can be a big choice for property owners. Many wonder if they should handle everything themselves or get a management company to help. Short-term renting is really popular now in the UK, and there are lots of companies out there ready to help property owners manage their holiday homes.

But like anything else, there are good and bad things about hiring a short-let management company. If you’re new to this or thinking about investing in a holiday home, keep reading to find out more.

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The Not-So-Good Parts

1. Less Control:

Some people love the idea of running their holiday home by themselves and talking to guests directly. But when you hire a short-let management company, they take over everything. They might tell you when you can or can’t use your own property, and you might not have much say in who stays there or how problems are solved.

2. Extra Costs:

Management companies charge fees, and this can take away from your profits. There might be a fee to get started, a fee for every booking, and other fees to help run your property. If you know how to manage things yourself, you might prefer to save that money.

3. No Promise of Money:

Just because you hire a company and pay them every month, it doesn’t mean you’ll always have guests and make money. Even the best companies can’t promise this.

The Good Parts

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1. They Know What They’re Doing:

If you’re new to this kind of business or want more bookings, a company like Keey can really help. They do everything from listing your place, taking professional photos, managing guests, cleaning, and much more. Even if your holiday home is far from where you live, they can take care of any guest needs at any time. They’ve been doing this for over eight years and really know how to make guests happy.

2. They Help You Get Noticed:

Many owners find it hard to market their holiday home. Pass the Keys can do this for you, listing your property on top UK websites and using the best technology to make sure people see your place. They are a trusted company with great reviews.

3. Make More Money:

While it’s not guaranteed, Pass the Keys does things to make sure you get the most from your property. They adjust prices to keep them competitive, try to fill any open dates, and work with local cleaning and maintenance people to save you money.

4. Stress-Free Owning:

Their service covers everything, so you can just relax and maybe even think about expanding your holiday home business. They give you support at every step, from advice on how to set up your property, mortgage tips, and keeping you in the loop about any rules you need to know. They also check all guests to make sure your property is safe.

In the end, whether you choose to work with a holiday home management company depends on your own situation, like how much time you have, where your holiday home is, and your past experience.

To learn more about what we offer, check out the Services page.

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