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How Do Hosts Automate Cleaning in Airbnb Rentals?

Streamlining Cleaning for Airbnb Hosts

Cleaning stands as the most time-consuming but crucial aspect of Airbnb hosting. Hosts, especially those managing multiple properties, need a streamlined cleaning process to cope with tight 24-48 hour turnaround times.

Actively managing cleaning tasks, such as coordinating with cleaners, ensuring a constant supply of cleaning materials, and arranging for quality cleaners to attend to the property on demand, can transform Airbnb cleaning into a full-time job.

If you’re grappling with finding reliable cleaners, worrying about cleaning supplies, and losing precious time in scheduling and rescheduling cleaners, then this post targets your needs!

As you might anticipate, successful Airbnb hosting demands automate cleaning to ensure guest satisfaction and foster a thriving hosting business.

Without delay, let’s delve into the top 5 methods for automating your Airbnb cleaning:

1. Employ a Professional Airbnb Cleaning Service

cleaning team

Opting for a professional Airbnb cleaning service, though it might reduce profits, addresses all cleaning-related challenges. These services, experienced in handling quick turnovers and demanding guests, save you time and stress. They often screen their cleaners for reliability, offering additional peace of mind, and may provide high-quality linens and towels (expect higher costs for these extras).

2. Schedule Regular Deep Cleans

scheduling cleaning

Even with diligent cleaning between bookings, your Airbnb needs a thorough clean every 3-6 months. To automate cleaning processes where possible can enhance efficiency and ensure consistent results. Deep cleaning, which includes automation where feasible, tackles areas missed in regular cleaning, like limescale removal and reaching hard-to-reach spots. It not only ensures a spotless property but also helps identify any maintenance issues, reducing the likelihood of negative cleanliness reviews.

3. Sync Your Booking Calendar with Your Cleaner

Sharing your calendar with your cleaner, be it an individual or a company, streamlines operations and prevents errors. On Airbnb, you can add your cleaner as a Co-Host for complete booking visibility. For multiple listings or platforms, syncing all your calendars with Airbnb’s calendar feature is efficient and straightforward. Remember to vet your cleaners thoroughly before granting them Co-Host access.

4. Maintain an Inventory of Cleaning Supplies

cleaning supplies

Keeping track of your cleaning inventory might seem tedious, but it ensures you’re never short on essential supplies. Experienced hosts gradually learn the frequency of replenishing these supplies, reducing reliance on inventory lists. If using a cleaning service, ask the cleaners to alert you when supplies are low.

5. Implement Automated Cleaning Reminders

Given the dynamic nature of Airbnb bookings, changes and cancellations can disrupt your cleaning schedule. Automating update notifications to cleaners through a messaging tool saves time and keeps your cleaning staff informed of any schedule changes.

Expand Beyond Cleaning with Full Property Management

Airbnb hosting encompasses more than just cleaning. Consider a comprehensive property management service like Keey, which uses local, reliable cleaners for top-notch Airbnb cleaning services.

By adopting these strategies, you can significantly streamline your Airbnb hosting experience, focusing more on guest satisfaction and less on the day-to-day operational challenges.

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