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What Are the Best Tips for Capturing Great Airbnb Photos?

Are you planning to take Airbnb photos of your home yourself? Before starting, consider these expert tips for professional-quality pictures!

Invest in the best camera and a tripod you can find

professional camera

Preparing and editing Airbnb photos can take 2-3 hours, making the choice of camera crucial. Using a high-quality camera is vital as it significantly enhances image details and overall appeal. Better resolution, lighting, and color accuracy offered by a superior camera can elevate your listing, potentially leading to increased bookings and revenue. In short, investing in the best camera available is a worthwhile decision for impactful, professional-looking property photos.

Remember, more is better!

Airbnb and other platforms allow numerous pictures, so capture plenty! Photograph the bedrooms, place settings, coffee machine, view from the windows, front gate, nearby tube station, and the trees lining your street, among others. More images help guests visualize staying in your home, potentially leading to bookings.

Think from a guest’s perspective

black living room

While you might focus on your favorite living room painting, consider what guests find useful. For single young guests, capture nightlife scenes like your local bar or pub. For families, highlight security features like a gated entrance or children playing on your street. Catering to specific guest needs makes their decision process easier.

Take your preparation seriously

You already know to clean thoroughly, so let’s move to other steps. Start with timing: the best photo light is usually around 3-4pm, with steady sunlight but not too harsh. Check the weather to avoid cloudy days. Pay attention to details during setup. In the kitchen, arrange place settings with napkins, wine glasses, candles, etc. In the living room, display the tea set, coffee mugs, fashion magazines, and luxurious throws. In the bedrooms, fluff pillows and place a small vase of flowers on the bedside table. Keep it simple to avoid visual clutter and make the space look larger.

Learn some photography tips from professionals

modern living room

Interior photography differs from landscape or portrait photography. Here are some basic rules:

  • Landscape mode is better than portrait for a more spacious look.
  • Use the grid tool on your camera to align horizontal and vertical lines in your home.
  • Shoot into a corner to enhance the perception of space.
  • Focus on one item per picture to draw attention and spark guests’ imagination.
  • Take multiple shots of the same scene for more editing options.

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