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5 Major Challenges for Absentee Property Owners and Solutions

The Absentee Owners’ Guide to Property Management with Keey

Owning a property can be rewarding, but distance can raise concerns. Absentee owners face unique challenges, impacting both practical and emotional aspects. In this blog, we explore absentee owners’ top concerns, dissect their causes, and highlight how Keey offers solutions for peace of mind.

1. Security Dilemmas:

security system alarm for absentee property owners
  • Concern: Absentee owners worry about security breaches, break-ins, and unauthorized access, given their inability to monitor the property constantly.
  • Reason: The concern for the property’s physical security heightens, especially in areas with seasonal occupancy changes. Fears of potential squatters or unauthorized occupants increase stress.
  • How Keey Helps: Keey deters security threats with regular property inspections. Our experts ensure the property’s security, making Keey a proactive ally for absentee owners.

2. Maintenance Oversight:

house maintenance
  • Concern: The challenge of maintaining a property from a distance worries absentee owners, with fears of unnoticed wear and tear.
  • Reason: Minor maintenance issues might escalate into costly repairs without regular check-ins, as addressing problems promptly becomes harder.
  • How Keey Helps: Keey excels in proactive maintenance, identifying and addressing issues early through regular inspections, ensuring the property is well-cared for, even from afar.

3. Communication Gaps:

landlord guest communication
  • Concern: Establishing effective communication with local service providers is tough for absentee owners, complicating property status updates.
  • Reason: A lack of direct communication can cause misunderstandings and delays, reducing clarity about the property’s condition.
  • How Keey Helps: Keey ensures transparent communication through detailed reports and prompt updates, keeping absentee owners informed about their property’s status.

4. Legal Compliance Worries:

legal compliance for absentee property owners
  • Concern: Absentee owners find complying with local regulations and managing legal matters remotely overwhelming.
  • Reason: Navigating varying property regulations without being local is daunting.
  • How Keey Helps: Keey lifts the burden of legal compliance, using local expertise to ensure your property meets all regulations, including legislative changes and permit management.

5. Tenant Management Challenges:

tenant management
  • Concern: Managing tenant relationships and lease matters from a distance is a constant worry for absentee owners leasing their property.
  • Reason: The distance hinders prompt responses to tenant concerns, possibly harming the property’s reputation.
  • How Keey Helps: Keey offers comprehensive property management, acting as a liaison between owners and tenants, ensuring effective communication and efficient handling of lease matters.


Distance ownership need not be fraught with worry. Keey provides bespoke solutions to the unique concerns of absentee owners. With our proactive, transparent approach and local knowledge, we transform property ownership into a stress-free, rewarding experience, wherever you are globally.

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