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How to be a Considerate Airbnb Neighbour?

Renting out your property on Airbnb and other letting platforms can reward you with the opportunity to meet new people and earn extra income. However, you must ensure that your hosting activities enhance rather than disrupt the harmony of your neighbours and local community. Follow this guide to rent out your Airbnb property in London without annoying your neighbours, ensuring everyone enjoys a positive experience.

1. Openly Communicate

communicating with guests

Start your Airbnb hosting journey by initiating communication with your neighbour. Let them know about your plans, answer their questions, and address their concerns. Transparency from the start builds goodwill and prevents future misunderstandings.

2. Establish Clear House Rules

discussing house rules with guests

Define and communicate clear house rules to your Airbnb guests. These rules should cover noise levels, parking, and other neighbourly considerations. Share these guidelines upon booking and display them prominently within your property.

3. Carefully Screen Your Guests

guest screening

Review potential guests’ profiles and past reviews to select those with a history of respectful and considerate behaviour. Avoid guests likely to disturb the peace.

4. Enforce Quiet Hours

quiet hours

Set and enforce quiet hours to ensure guests minimize noise during sensitive times. This is crucial in residential areas where peace is valued. Make sure your guests understand and comply with these quiet hours.

5. Streamline the Check-In Process

checking in

Organize a smooth check-in process. Clear, concise instructions for check-in can prevent guests from loitering or causing disruptions as they try to enter the property.

6. Utilize Airbnb Property Management Services

property management company

Hire a London-based short-let property management service to manage guest interactions, key exchanges, and any arising issues. Their expertise in creating a positive guest experience helps reduce neighbour disturbances.

7. Educate Guests on Local Norms & Customs

residential area

Teach your guests about the local norms and values, such as respecting residential area privacy and tranquillity in London. Encourage them to immerse themselves in local culture while being considerate of their impact.

8. Offer Emergency Contacts

emergency contacts

Provide guests and neighbours with accessible emergency contacts, like an emergency gas engineer or plumber. This shows your commitment to quickly resolving any issues, fostering a responsible image.

9. Monitor Noise Levels

woman suffering neighbour noise

Regularly check your property’s noise levels, especially in the evenings. Set up a system for guests to report disturbances, allowing you to address issues proactively.

10. Respond to Complaints Quickly

responding to complaints

Deal with any complaints from any neighbour quickly and professionally. Apologize for inconveniences and take corrective action. Being responsive demonstrates your dedication to maintaining positive community relations.


By openly communicating, setting clear expectations, and actively managing the guest experience, you can ensure your Airbnb or short-let property in London contributes to a harmonious and stress-free community atmosphere.

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