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How to Make Your Property Stand Out on Booking Platforms

Boosting Your Short-Term Rental Listing’s Visibility

After optimizing your short-term rental listings with a catchy title, snappy description, stunning photos, and good reviews, guests now get a clearer picture of what your property offers.

However, with the crowded nature of booking platforms and guests rarely looking past the first few pages, you need to position your listing as close to the first page as possible to catch potential guests’ eyes.

Operating in sync with booking platforms’ search algorithms increases your listing’s visibility, ranking it higher and potentially securing more bookings.

Create a Positive User Experience

responding to guests messages

Respond Instantly to Guests

Property booking platforms prioritize minimizing booking friction and value hosts who quickly answer guest inquiries.

The search algorithm considers the following data points for responses:

  • Response rate: the percentage of inquiries responded to within 24 hours
  • Response time: the average time to respond to new messages
  • Response conversion: the booking rate after messaging the host

A high response rate, quick response time, and high response conversion positively affect your listing’s rank. Being a responsive host with tailored, prompt replies makes both booking platforms and potential guests view you favorably.

Managing multiple properties can make replying challenging. Save time by keeping pre-written responses for frequently asked questions like check-in times and parking. This ensures you always have quick replies ready.

Regularly Update Your Calendar

calendar updates

An up-to-date calendar optimizes your search engine presence on booking sites, allowing guests to confidently book dates. Property booking platforms then mark you as an active host, boosting your search result ranking and visibility.

Managing calendars across multiple booking sites can be tough. Use software to track bookings, preventing missed opportunities and double bookings.

Enable Instant Booking

Instant booking lets travelers reserve without hurdles, favored by algorithms for speeding up the process.

Airbnb claims instant booking can boost bookings by 20%. This feature improves your response rate and booking numbers, propelling your listing to a higher search result position.

While instant booking can increase revenue, it limits guest vetting. Ensure comfort with guests by:

  • Accepting only recommended people
  • Requiring identification
  • Setting necessary guest rules

This helps secure suitable guests for your rental.

Adjust Prices

adjust pricing

Constantly Price, a crucial factor for booking platform listings, requires maintaining competitive pricing against similar properties.

Balancing bookings and revenue is challenging. A high price may deter potential guests, while a low price might reduce profits. Once you achieve positive reviews and an 80% occupancy rate, set competitive pricing.

For those struggling to match competitors’ prices, pricing management tools consider seasonality and events, saving time and keeping your listing competitive.

Competitive pricing over time improves your search result ranking on booking platforms.


Booking site algorithms consider various data points to match ideal listings with guests’ needs, reducing friction and speeding up the booking process.

The factors mentioned are just a few that influence search result order.

By enhancing your listing’s visibility through SEO and simplifying the booking process for guests without compromising your booking acquisition, you can move your listings closer to the first page, attracting more potential guests.

If your booking platform doesn’t support SEO efforts well, consider switching to one that helps improve your search result rankings.

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