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Should You Consider Security Cameras for Your Airbnb Rental?

Considering Cameras? Think Again Before Securing Your Airbnb

If a few bad Airbnb parties or inconsiderate guests have victimized you, you might logically consider installing security cameras for your Airbnb as the next step.

Especially if ensuring the safety of your possessions and property feels necessary, but take our advice – think about this more logically.

First Things First

privacy policy

Your Airbnb space should not contain your valuables unless it promotes luxury – a challenging situation if you’re renting out a private room instead of an entire home.

However, CCTV might deter potential guests seeking 100% privacy without the worry of being spied on or watched. They haven’t committed any wrongdoing and might expect the trust and respect a private hotel room offers instead.

While not all Airbnb guests desire the freedom to roam the halls naked, the option to conduct their activities without fear of being filmed or observed is appealing.

There Are Other Ways To Protect Your Home

As an Airbnb management company, we understand the significance of vetting and screening guests before allowing them into your property. We also know several other ways to protect your home from damage and losses without resorting to the added expense of webcams, CCTV, or other security cameras.

Let us show you our methods for ensuring your peace of mind…

vetting guests

Vetting guests – choosing guests you deem reliable involves:

  • Reading their previous reviews
  • Emailing them questions
  • Outlining house rules and manuals
  • Checking their online profiles

Store Your Goods Away

safe deposit box

If leaving your valuables at the property is unavoidable, lock them up instead of leaving them exposed. Designate a specific cupboard for your items or use a safety box for cash, financial documents, birth certificates, passports, antiques, etc.

Locking away your sentimental items protects them and prevents guests from accidentally damaging them.

Ensure You’re Insured

homeowners insurance

While Airbnb provides insurance covering certain types of damage to your rental, we advise taking out additional insurance for comprehensive protection of your home and possessions. If you already have a policy, review it to ensure it includes rental damage, and adjust the coverage as needed. We can also recommend the best insurers for holiday rentals if you’re uncertain.

Keep Mail In A Locked Box

mail in a locked box

Your mail may contain personal and sensitive information, such as your full name, address, date of birth, or banking details. Therefore, if you’re not present during bookings, consider setting up a mailbox with a lock or a PO box to secure your mail.

Take Security Deposits

security deposit receipt

You set the rules, and as a standard practice in many of our rentals, we always secure a security deposit during the booking process to protect our owners from potential damage.

The deposit may not be paid by the guest at reservation time but can be charged by Airbnb if a claim arises.

You have up to 14 days after check-out to request some or all of the security deposit. Guests might dispute the claim, so ensure you have all necessary documentation when filing your dispute.

Still Want To Use Security Cameras?

security cameras in living room

If you still want cameras for peace of mind, be aware that Airbnb strictly prohibits devices in private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. Hosts must disclose all surveillance devices in public areas of their property.

A surveillance device includes any equipment used to capture or transmit audio, video, or still images, such as webcams, baby monitors, and smartphones. Even with surveillance cameras turned off during a guest’s stay, listing them in your house rules is mandatory.

Need Extra Help Keeping Your Home Safe?

Keey is a five-star rated holiday let manager offering local, one-to-one support for hosts, including rental management, guest vetting, house rule writing, and security deposit collection as part of our service.

Reach out to us today to discover how we can assist you.

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