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Our vision is simple

More income and more peace of mind on your property


Our Story

In the summer of 2017 we began our journey on the path of entrepreneurship, to fund our venture we used Airbnb to rent out properties we owned as well as the spare rooms in the London home we were living in.

Nowadays, guests expect hotel quality amenities, extraordinary personal service and on-call services when booking a shorterm rental – something that can be hard to keep if you have other commitments. We experienced first-hand the need for a way to automate marketing, guest management, key exchange, and turnover and found no company that deals with individual rooms within a property.

We began taking other properties and experimenting with different techniques to increase revenue per listing, we were amazed with the difference in income generated by focusing on revenue and search optimisation.

And with that, Keey was born. Today, we manage whole properties as well as individual rooms per property across the UK, we envision a solution that not only solves a complicated problem but also simplifies and promotes frequent and enjoyable travel. Keey provides seamless, full-service management solutions that allows hosts to enjoy greater mobility while knowing their guests rest easy.



We rely on five principles to inform how we communicate, share information, and work towards our mission. Together these principles inform the most valuable technology we possess: culture.

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Experiment Together

Go Big

Think long term

People are everything

Discover how much your property could earn you