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Consolidate reservations from various platforms into a single calendar

You can decide whether to list your property exclusively on Airbnb or broaden your reach to other prominent platforms such as, Expedia, and Vrbo. Our expert team members ensure there are no duplicate bookings.Additionally, we simplify the process by consolidating reservations from different platforms into a single interactive calendar, making multi-platform listing effortless.

Consolidate reservations from various platforms into a single calendar

Boost your earnings by 30% through our adaptable rental approach

Our versatile rental approach integrates both short-term and mid-term listings to optimise your earnings.Your dedicated account manager will assist you in determining the best periods for listing on short-term or mid-term platforms, backed by comprehensive data analysis.

Boost your earnings by 30% through our adaptable rental approach

Handle many listings using a single online hub

Effortlessly manage multiple properties using a single account and a unified digital dashboard. Enjoy a sense of control over your rental business like never before.

Handle many listings using a single online hub

3 BIG reasons to choose Keey

Proven Expertise

With a launch in 2018, our accumulated experience and data enable us to fully unlock your property’s potential.

Customized Solutions

At Keey, we take the time to understand each client’s unique requirements, providing solutions that fit perfectly with individual needs.

Impressive feedback

Our hosts and guests express their appreciation for our service on platforms like Trustpilot, Google, Airbnb, and in personal emails.

Optimise the occupancy rates of your property

An unoccupied rental means missed opportunities for income. Drawing from our 6 years of expertise, we’ve consistently secured bookings for our hosts, ensuring their properties remain occupied year-round. Elevate your occupancy rates by utilizing our flexible letting approach, proprietary pricing algorithm, and integrated multi-platform listings.

While our core competency is in Airbnb listings, we excel at promoting properties across various rental platforms. With a proven track record across various platforms, we elevate your property’s visibility and listing rank.

Our hosts often opt for short-term listings during peak tourist seasons, like summer and Christmas, then shift to mid-term rentals during the off-peak periods. This strategic approach, paired with our dynamic pricing algorithm, guarantees year-round occupancy, capitalizing on both high-demand tourist seasons and steady earnings in quieter times.

Listing Management

Optimised for maximum returns.

  • To maximise your bookings and revenue potential, we’ll list your property on multiple platforms. Our platform means your calendar is synched across them all, while you enjoy great returns. We also use a strategy of short, medium and longer term lettings to help ensure occupancy all year round.

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  • We’ll increase your occupancy and the price you can charge with professional photography.

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  • To help attract the right guests for your property and increase the number of bookings, we’ll setup and write your listings on multiple platforms. We’ve got data from thousands of properties so we know what works best.

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  • A core part of the Keey difference is being able to increase how much you earn from your property. Behind every great pricing strategy is a lot of data and great human minds – we have both.

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Guest Management

Ensuring a 5-star guest stay.

  • Your safety and the security of your property are our top priority. We screen all guests and, after hundreds of thousands of bookings, have also built up our own database of good and bad guests.

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  • Recognizing the uniqueness of every property, we offer a variety of self check-in options tailored to your needs. Choose from wall-mounted lockboxes, railing lockboxes, or take advantage of our convenient smart key exchange service at no extra cost. Your property, your choice.

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  • Guests always remember how good the sheets are! We provide hotel quality linen and a high-quality laundry service. Our housekeepers know all the perfect touches for an enjoyable guest stay.

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  • Responding to guests as quickly as possible is the key to getting more bookings and maintaining a good reputation. Our teams respond 24/7/365 and trained to deal with all questions and issues both before and during stays.

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Property Management

Taking care of your property.

  • 5-star Cleans from our Professional Housekeepers
    We’ve built our own Airbnb cleaning service to ensure every clean is done thoroughly with guests in mind and are never missed! Our cleaners even report back to HQ with photos.

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  • Our housekeeping team take photographs between each guest stay and report on any maintenance items. If it’s a small item, we’ll fix it quickly. If it’s something that needs repairing or replacing, such as washing machine, we can arrange this for you.

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  • Bookings through Airbnb are covered by AirCover, while other bookings are covered by our partners, GuardDog, and other local insurances.

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  • Our Host Dashboard syncs your calendar between multiple booking websites to give you more control and see who is staying. You can also track your performance and income.

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