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Expand your real estate enterprise

Want to supercharge your earnings and elevate your property business? With our established history of achievement, you can trust that we’ll guide you toward your business aspirations.

Open the door to limitless business growth.

Our proficient Growth & Sales teams are committed to sourcing new potential properties for you, while our channel and revenue managers tirelessly enhance the income of each property in your portfolio.

Open the door to limitless business growth.

Optimise your business for ultimate success.

Managing a rental business can feel like a round-the-clock endeavor. Yet, with our comprehensive backing, advanced technology, and streamlined systems, you can boost efficiency and results without compromising your precious time. Keey enables you to prioritize activities you’re passionate about, while we handle the rest.

Optimise your business for ultimate success.

Effortlessly incorporate your existing portfolio.

Experience a smooth shift as our skilled team sets up and migrates your current portfolio onto our state-of-the-art system. Guarantee your business’s performance with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring a seamless transition without any interruptions.

Effortlessly incorporate your existing portfolio.

Access unique advantages and perks.

Utilize our proven blueprint, user-friendly technology, and streamlined, expandable operations. Whatever challenges you encounter, we’ve already navigated them and are here to assist you as well.

Lead generation

Starting with thorough market research and continuing through personalized nurturing campaigns, we guarantee a consistent flow of qualified leads. Discover the impact of strategic lead generation.

Dashboard Hub

Step into the future of property management with our cutting-edge tech dashboard, a transformative tool reshaping the way you efficiently manage and significantly enhance your property operations.

Pricing optimization

Utilize our established framework, and efficient, expandable operations. No matter the obstacles you encounter, we’ve encountered them before and are here to guide you as well.

Airbnb Access

Harnessing the synergies of Airbnb and other booking platforms, you’ll watch your vacation rental properties flourish, ultimately yielding remarkable ROI and sustainable growth for your investment.

Community Excellence

Join a nurturing community and gain entry to our carefully curated set of proven strategies that have achieved unparalleled success within the vacation rental industry. Elevate your rental game.

Financial Compliance

Eradicate uncertainty in financial management and regulatory adherence through our all-inclusive set of tools. We’ll guide you seamlessly to meet industry norms.

Backed by industry professionals:

At Keey, we’re organized into specialized teams, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the host and guest journey. As a partner, you receive direct access to these teams and a designated contact person who will accompany you throughout your partnership with us. Our team consists of professionals skilled in all facets of holiday lettings.

Keey does

Partner does

Establish a recognized national presence
Coordinate property listings
Rate optimization
Craft rental strategies
Round-the-clock guest assistance
Execute targeted local marketing initiatives
Supply potential leads if needed
Sustain ongoing host partnerships
Incorporate listings into our systems
Conduct initiation meetings
Optimize occupancy
Coordinate with our guest support team
Supervise check-in arrangements
Manage property information repository
Daily cleaning coordination
Guest verification and evaluation
Automate cleaning schedules
Finalize sales with prospective leads
Automated maintenance processes
Organise professional property photographs

Who is eligible for partnership?

We welcome individuals already running their short-let business or those looking to start one. Depending on your circumstances, we offer two partnership paths:

Future property manager

  • No property portfolio yet, but abundant determination to build one.
  • Dedication to property management and short-term rentals.
  • Wish to join a prominent worldwide brand.
Starter Path

Experienced real estate manager

  • Current collection of devoted homeowner clientele.
  • Property management operations with local roots.
  • Recognition of your own brand at a regional level.
Scale-up Path

Not sure this is for you? See homeowner’s product.