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Case Studies

Your Keey team are working continuously to maximise the return on your property, without any of the hassle!

Happy Customers



The challenge

Simon has a portfolio of five properties across North West and Central London. He had previously used another short term property management company. He was happy with the returns but wasn’t happy with the customer service as he felt sometimes he had to get involved. He decided to give Keey a try.

Keey Process

We took professional photographs, optimised his listing and offered personal check in for some of his high value properties. Not only did he get complete piece of mind in comparison to the previous agents, he was earning more without any hassle and involvement, giving him more time to focus on things.


“The customer service is amazing, I’m making triple as to what I was making when renting long term and 50% more compared to the previous short term management company I was using! 100% satisfied.”


Tottenham Court Road

The challenge

Zara and her husband wanted to make the most of their empty home whilst abroad for a work secondment in Canada. In the past they used another management company but it didn’t work out the way they hoped. She wanted a company that she could trust and that shared her understanding of what hosting means.

Keey Process

After we walked Zara through our guest vetting procedure, we started advertising the home on short term platforms. Consistent communication with her account manager, allowed not only peace of mind on any issues, but confidence that her family or friends could stay in her home whenever needed by simply blocking the calendar on these dates.


“Keey took care of everything and allowed me to benefit from higher income whilst giving me flexibility to visit the property when ever I needed to”



The challenge

Adam was faced with the common problem that his most of his capital was tied into his property portfolio. In a slow sales market, he was seeking a solution that would grant him the opportunity to increase cash flow without having to sell his properties at an undesired price. As he travels often, it was also vital that the solution he chose would enable him to earn extra income without any hassle. He was looking for a company that he could trust to take care of his property as well as earn him more.

Keey Process

As Adam’s properties were available full time, we took a combination of short, medium and long term as well as both whole property rentals as well as individual rooms. By doing this, the occupancy of the property was fully optimised in full compliance and we were able to take advantage of the seasonal rental rates. Over the summer period we short let the property and as the seasons changed, we secured longer bookings of over 3 months each. The flexibility of our service meant that potential buyers were able to view the property whenever required and Adam was able to increase cash flows until the right buyer came.


“Keey took care of everything on airbnb and took care of the property condition and maintenance. They also allowed me to benefit from higher income whilst giving me flexibility to visit the property when ever I needed to”

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