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Secure Your Rental with Minut’s Noise& Smoke Detector

minut smoke detector

Enhancing Rental Property Security

Keey understands the risks posed by cigarette smoke and unauthorized parties, which can lead to around $3000 in repair costs each year. We are dedicated to providing property managers and owners with a smooth experience from check-in to check-out.

That’s why we have partnered with Minut to introduce a unique sensor that monitors noise, occupancy, temperature, humidity, and cigarette smoke, all in one device. This partnership aims to offer better property management solutions, cost savings, and improved guest experiences in rental properties.

Minut have also added a cigarette smoke detection feature. This article explains why using a cigarette noise& smoke detector in rental properties is essential for protecting homes and communities.

Noise Detector

house party

1. Detecting and Addressing Noise Concerns

One of the most critical aspects of property management is addressing noise-related concerns promptly. Noise disturbances from large gatherings, loud music, or parties can disrupt the peace and quiet of a community. With Minut’s advanced sensor technology, we have the capability to detect noise levels that exceed a certain decibel threshold. If the device identifies excessive noise, such as a party in progress, it will promptly notify the landlord or property manager. This feature allows for swift action to be taken, ensuring a peaceful environment for all residents.

2. Identifying Large Gatherings

Minut’s sensor also employs data from devices like mobile phones to determine whether a large gathering is taking place. This valuable information helps property managers distinguish between innocent get-togethers and disruptive parties, allowing for a more informed response to potential issues.

3. Enhanced Noise Detection

Minut’s noise detection technology goes beyond simply monitoring decibel levels. It utilizes AI algorithms to identify patterns and distinguish between normal household sounds and disruptive noise events. This intelligent noise detection enables property managers to respond effectively to noise complaints and maintain a harmonious living environment for all residents.

Smoke Detector

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1. Protect Your Community from Secondhand Smoke

Unsanctioned smoking in short-term rentals poses not only a concern for property managers but also a significant health risk to the entire community. In the United States, approximately 34,000 premature deaths occur annually due to secondhand smoke exposure. Smoke can permeate ventilation systems, affecting the health and well-being of neighbors. Minut’s Cigarette detection feature ensures that you receive immediate alerts when indoor cigarette smoke is detected, enabling you to take swift action to safeguard your community.

2. Save Money and Boost Profits

According to a study conducted by the University of Illinois – Chicago, property owners face an average cost of $1,600 per year in cigarette smoke-related damage claims. These expenses can significantly impact your profits. Additionally, cigarette-related damage can result in lost income as units remain vacant for cleaning and repairs. With Minut’s cigarette smoke detection, you can respond promptly to incidents and remind guests of the property rules, mitigating further damage and preserving your revenue stream.

3. Prevent False Alarms

Traditional smoke detectors are commonplace in properties, but they often lead to false alarms and wasted time. Minut’s sensor, powered by AI, distinguishes between various types of smoke and can specifically identify cigarette smoke. This means you only receive alerts when guests smoke indoors, reducing unnecessary disruptions and ensuring a more efficient response.

4. Track Unauthorized Behavior

With Minut’s sensor, you gain access to a comprehensive log of past cigarette smoke events through the app. This log provides valuable insights into guest behavior and allows for effective handling of any problematic incidents involving smoking on your property.

5. Reduce Fire Risks

Cigarettes not only pose financial risks but are also a significant fire hazard. Each year, over 500 people in the United States die in fires caused by unattended cigarettes. These fires can start in beds, furniture, or trash cans, posing a danger to your property and the community. By installing cigarette smoke detectors in your rentals, you can proactively address this issue. Minut’s sensor provides instant alerts when a guest smokes indoors, enabling you to take swift action and prevent potential fire hazards.


In conclusion, Minut’s innovative sensor technology, in partnership with Keey, offers property managers and owners an all-encompassing solution to enhance property management, reduce costs, and protect the well-being of both tenants and the surrounding community. From noise monitoring to cigarette smoke detection, our goal is to provide a safer and more enjoyable living experience for everyone involved.

Secure your rental property and enhance safety with Minut’s unique sensor. Detect and prevent smoking and noise issues in real-time, saving on repairs and enhancing guest satisfaction. Maintain detailed records of incidents. Trust Keey and Minut for secure and successful short-term rentals. Get your Minut’s unique sensor now!

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